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PART ONE: THE VLIET TIPTREE CYBERSTALKING CASE, starring Paul Elam, Kyle Lovett, John Hembling, Dave Kragen, James Huff, Dr. Greg Canning, and the Woman-Hatin' Stooges


Hi, all,

My name is Vliet Tiptree. That's a pseudonym, which I use online sometimes when I write about feminism. We feminists know that even if we write on a woman-only site, for the benefit of other women, that Creepy Men are watching. They seem to usually be unemployed, heavily-bearded failures from Houston whose four wives have left them, or maybe they are sneaky systems programmers who use their work computers (provided by employers like Allied Technology in Washington D.C.) to cyberstalk women they fixate on, or self-publishing envy-ridden sci-fi novelists who live off their wives, or men running their mothers' businesses into the ground, or rabbits. They're a motley crew. They sit all day surveilling women's sites -- for purposes I'm about to tell you about. Get ready to get creeped out! 

In 2011, I wrote a guest essay called "Radical Feminism in the 21st Century", on a site called RadFemHub. It's a good essay about where feminism has been and where it's going. In the article I talked about the hatred still directed at women who speak out about the system of male supremacy, how historically such women have been threatened and intimidated into silence, or beaten and killed if they didn't shut up. I said that feminists should forget their differences and work together on issues of mutual interest. I talked about visions of the future, where perhaps a way would be found at last to modify male aggression and need for dominance; I ended by joking about finding men finally at peace, hanging out in their man-caves and playing the ukelele in the deep future. If you'd like to see the Guest essay I wrote for the RadFemHub, here it is: 

Included in the essay among many other subjects were some strong words about male violence. I speculated that it is likely to turn out to be partly biological, to be treated as a maladaptive evolutionary strategy, and about whether a medical model might be one way to research it in the future. I am a pacifist and I feel that violence is a primary cause of human suffering in this world. I would never advocate violence; I am devoted to ending it.

It is for writing this essay that a Houston, Texas man named Paul Elam who runs an anti-feminist online site called A Voice for Men, which is on the Southern Poverty Law Center's Watch List, decided to harass me, cyberstalk me, and invade my privacy. Here is a sample of A Voice for Men's cyberstalking and other activities concerning other women:

Elam describes himself as a men's rights activist. His activities appear to me to be limited to collecting donations, whipping up his followers, and trying to hurt women, but I'm not the most generous observer. He and the men on his site pick somebody who said something they don't like and do a group gang-dox. I'm not the first and I won't be the last. He tries to ruin the reputations and livelihoods of college students, single mothers, young protesters, mostly isolated, vulnerable young women. Sometimes he gets the wrong woman:

The energy behind all this sadistic behavior appears to be Elam's severe sexual psychopathology: "Now, let me ask you something.  Do you think I am going to stop? It’s a serious question, because the answer to that question, again if you are not too stupid to grasp the impact of it, should inform you of what will work for you or not work for you in dealing with me. And the answer is, of course, no, I am not going to stop.  You see, I find you, as a feminist, to be a loathsome, vile piece of human garbage.  I find you so pernicious and repugnant that the idea of fucking your shit up gives me an erection."

Upon reading my essay, Paul Elam offered a $1000 reward for anyone who would hack around on the net and provide my real identity to him! He made it clear that once he had that information, he would use it to make me suffer. He didn't put up his own money. Instead, he told his loyal readers (hereinafter, "stooges"), to cough up the money for him! (see, One or more of them actually did provide the money.  Elam made his cyberstalking intent clear: "Those seeking to claim the reward will be aware that  Vliet Tiptree’s real world identity and all available personal information will be posted to this site and otherwise distributed on the internet." He threatened to accost me: "If no MRA’s are available in her area, we will travel wherever she is to execute the plan." 

Eager for the reward, a systems analyst from Washington, D.C. named Kyle Lovett cyberstalked me until he had my real name and whereabouts. I doubt that was easy, as I'm careful about my privacy, but then, Mr. Lovett apparently has security clearances and all kinds of intelligence software available through his workplace. He apparently even used to work for the U.S. State Department, according to his now-deleted Linked-In posting. He went on to cyberstalk many other women: kylelovettcyberstalker  .

But back to the case study. The conspiracy was now in place to "extirpate her like a disease" (a quote from a comment herein by Paul Elam). He had his bagman and his techie cyberstalker and his stooges in place now and was ready to cause some harm. Some of the suggestions as to what to do once my real identity was found, as you'll see, included trying to sabotage my relations with employers, coming to my home, papering my neighborhood with inflammatory statements about me, taking my children away, and generally trying to destroy my reputation and livelihood. And this from people I had never heard of, who I hadn't done a thing to. 

Kyle Lovett continued to stalk me online. He found my real email address as you'll see below, after most of the other stooges were ready to give up. He must have really needed that grand! I had been told of the bounty and of the site by then. On November 7, 2011, when I looked at my junk mail, I saw a query about poetry from a woman named Kathy Yates. I didn't know her, but I opened the email. "Kathy" had written me the following:

"Listen up, you worthless bitch. 

Your plan of genocide against men has been exposed. 

The FBI has been contacted, and your publisher has been contacted. 

Get ready to live a life of misery, you worthless Irish slut. 

We will NEVER let you escape. You are now on THE LIST.

Words have consequences. Don't ever forget it."

Well, I'm definitely not worthless; I'd venture to say I'm worth quite a bit more than Paul Elam by any available measure. And I've never been called an Irish slut before. In fact, I thought Irish-haters were a dying breed. I may use that as a monicker sometime. Finally, I have no plan of genocide, That's a flat lie. I'm trying to understand male violence, and wishing for a peaceful society, but I would never advocate killing anybody for any reason.

Bemusement and shock aside, I didn't know this large group of men. I had no idea what they were capable of. Since I had never been attacked like this for my writing before, I was concerned about what they were planning to do to me if they learned my real-life identity. The letter was also cause for real concern. I took steps to protect myself. 

"Kathy Yates" sent another email, by the way, a few days later. I turned it over to my lawyers and have never read it. 

There were by now many comments to the bounty post, already posted from the stooges on the A Voice for Men site. I was witnessing my own cyberstalking. It was a fearful experience for me. They were a mob.

I realized the leader was encouraging all this as a male-bonding exercise, in the same manner that soldiers in the Congo are taught that the women they rape aren't human:   Also, please look at this:   It builds, I think, on a problem related to global male violence, namely, a relative lack of empathy. It is too easy for male-dominated organizations to forget their woman victim is a human being like themselves.

This group-scapegoating of an outsider on the A Voice for Men site seemed to unite the stooges, to galvanize them, and not incidentally to loosen their wallets

I decided the creepy men of Elam's blog should have a chance to get to know me, with no chance to talk back of course, in the same way I would never have been able to speak on their site. This early group of comments consisted of vilification, cyberstalking, and threatening. Ritual use of about ten common degrading epithets for women was occurring freely. They seemed utterly unconcerned that all this was occurring on a blog site anyone could read, as if they could not conceive that I and my representatives might want to see what they were saying.

I decided to copy their comments here, and overlay my reactions, but not to publish this here until they had had every chance to communicate their true attitudes and intentions without hearing from me. 

On November 7, 2011, I published over a hundred of their comments here, with my reactions overlaid, as you will read in Part One below. Consternation resulted when they saw this blog, as you'll see in Part Two below. In Part Two, I was publishing all their new comments on a running basis with my reactions. It was becoming hard for them to talk on their site about their cyberstalking progress, what with me presenting myself to them here as a real human being responding to them as named individuals. They had to come over here to this blog to find out what I was saying about what they were saying. 

The cyberstalking phase was finally completed during this time, as I said, with an alleged IRL identification of "Vliet Tiptree" being made.

But by now my countersurveillance and this blog were causing confusion, disagreement, and strife. The fact that a mere Irish slut had returned their attack was so astounding, they fell apart. The smart stooges, the middle-class men with ex-wife issues, prudently retreated, deciding to avoid my legal attention. The teenagers had been frightened away or were bigotry-spouting liabilities. Elam was having to cull out their comments. The old Nam vets and the  hangers-on were all tuckered out after all their sleepless nights "outing" me. Anybody with any money had apparently already been relieved of it by Elam for "the cause", namely, Elam.

A convo of the remaining diehards was held away from the site, and they decided to go underground with their further plotting. I withdrew.

There followed an extended campaign to harm me IRL afterward, and it is ongoing, but I am advised not to go into that at this point. I will say though that I have been repeatedly and falsely accused of advocating mass murder, among many other events that have occurred. Also, Elam told his co-conspirators to write Tiptree's [alleged] employer to destroy her career: "Concerned individuals may contact [deleted] here:

1230 Avenue of the Americas  New York, NY 10020
(212) 698-7000." 

The Southern Poverty Law Center called the $1000 bounty and accusations of advocating mass murder a specific example of "misogyny and the threat, implicit or explicit, of violence" in its Intelligence Report dated May 15, 2012: "It should be mentioned that the SPLC did not label MRAs as members of a hate movement; nor did our article claim that the grievances they air on their websites – false rape accusations, ruinous divorce settlements and the like – are all without merit. But we did call out specific examples of misogyny and the threat, overt or implicit, of violence.Thomas James Ball, for example, who was hailed as a martyr on so many men’s rights forums, called for arson attacks on courthouses and police stations. The Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik wrote extensively about the evils of feminism. We included as much as we did about because it is so intimidating to its targets, not all of whom are criminals. When Elam accused Vliet Tiptree, a pseudonymous contributor to RadFem Hub, of “calling for extermination of half the human race; the male half, that is,” he offered a cash reward for her real identity. The names and locations of several candidates were publically characterize her essay as a well-developed plan, as Elam and his colleagues do, is not only ridiculous, it is willfully obtuse."   

The SPLC has stressed that A Voice for Men is not a human rights group in any way: “ 'The claim that Elam and his friends are merely trying to have a conversation about the rights of men in modern society is bogus. What it’s really about is the defamation of women as a group; that’s called misogyny,'  said Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center." (Quoted on at

I originally posted this material briefly after the bounty posting, but removed the posting for some time. I have revised my words, including some of my overlaid reactions, here and there in this current posting to reflect some subsequent events and perspectives. I consider my own comments to be a literary overlay reflecting some of my reactions. The men's comments are accurate and unaltered at the time they were collected and may still be found on the AVFM site, though there have been additional comments since then. These comments stand as a record of the cyberstalking. 

Below is the result of my brief engagement with these strange people. Pardon my humor. I hope my experience and perspective may help the next woman.



HOW TO STALK WOMEN, BY PAUL ELAM AND HIS CREEPY MEN:  All posts from 11/6/11 and 11/7/11 on the site "A Voice for Men", with A Later Overlay of Comments and Questions by Vliet Tiptree

(Don't forget to read the exciting conclusion in PART TWO!)

PART ONE: The men do not know that I am reading their comments at A Voice for Men under Paul Elam's thousand-dollar bounty posting. My comments are later additions, which they read a couple of days later, to their chagrin. 

Vliet: The Cyberstalk commences...
Muk (Mike Goldfield, aka skull_leader, muktropolis, mukelangelo, etc.)
That’s probably going to be really hard because it was posted by someone else
The only way to get her identity would be if that FCM chick gave up her email address or something
It may be easier to find the identity to the comments who are just as damning as she is.

I can recommend a good PI, Paul. The one that turned up your arrests for theft and bad-check passing.
Paul Elam in reply to Muk
Well, if it comes down to it, I will find a PI to get the job done. We’ll have to figure in hacker expenses.
I found an email addy on her, but it is hotmail

Hi, Black Knight, since I didn't say what Paul told you I said, I doubt that'll happen.
TheBlackKnight in reply to Paul Elam
Has anyone called the FBI on her? Even if they can’t arrest her they can put her on watch lists, no-fly lists, etc. Plus, since she has a blog and an email address they should have no problem tracking her down.

Why not just blackmail me for using free speech, Raven? 
Raven01 in reply to Paul Elam
I haven’t eaten yet. Now, I don’t think I will.
Bev’s find would be sicken only for the idiocy it contains without suggesting a “final solution” for men.
Paul screw the PI, this is a job for a lawyer. And, frankly the pay out for AVfM would blow your mind.
How would you like an extra $10,000/month for a year?
Wait, it gets better. Paid by the very people spreading hatred.
Richard Warman, of Ottawa has successfully filed several complaints under the Canadian Human Rights Commission to the tune of several thousand dollars per judgement. These people are openly suggesting the enslavement and/or eradication of 3.5 billion people based on genotype. They are no better than someone suggesting the cure to America’s financial woes would be the re-enslavement of blacks(with a selective “cull” of undesirables of course). The only difference is the target of the particular bigot.

Hi, Whitney, "Te Womynz"? lol.
Whitney in reply to Raven01
I despise the CHRC. Did you notice that most of the complaints are about women, minorities and gays? This is who the CHRC was made for and I don’t see them squashing women on behalf of men anytime soon.
BTW, this is an example of a self perpetuating bureaucracy. They had a 100% conviction rate up until they tried to take on Ezra Levant
I guess using it against te womynz will help speed up its demise.

I define it as what I'm seeing with this posting and these comments, Mike.
The more I see them use the word “Patriarchy” the more obvious it is that they have no idea what the word means.
It’s like they define it as: “Everything bad in society”

I don't care what you wear, Kris. Well, ok, please, not a wife-beater.
Kris W in reply to Muk
“Patriarchy”, in feminist lingo= An individual males self determination. For example: My ability to decide what to wear, what to go to school for, who to vote for, what to do with the fruits of my labor, if I want to date/marry, who I want to date/marry, if I want to have kid’s etc.
That is the “evil” Patriarchy according to feminist’s.
That is why feminism in it’s totality, is nothing more then a female supremacist hate movement.

So, Universe. You're part of this? No ukelele for you.
universe in reply to Muk
“This blight has many names: the Patriarchal System, Misogyny, Male Supremacy, Women’s Subjugation. I just call it the System at the moment.
I also have this: the conviction, based on all that I am, that the System can be eradicated.”
– She don’t realize this part yet, but so shall she be too. How do you tell someone that they’re sawing the branch they’re perched upon?
“We have moved beyond palliation [conceal or cloak; to lessen the pain or severity of without curing; to make appear less serious] (negotiation, mediation, reform, compromise, engagement with the System) to exploring effective means of extirpating [exterminate; completely remove] male pathology, including being open to biological explanations and treatment of such psychopathy….”
– She’s/they’re already an intregal part of the system she sees needing of annihilation, unless, ‘moved beyond’ constitutes supremacy beyond agency.
‘Biological explanations and treatments’ = relying upon men to do this.
“Pathology’: as observed pathologically.
Etc., and onward…
Every uttered sentense by S/He/it can be examined and later identified as crank from the start thereon and dismissed as such. And chances are it likely will be as same by federal agencies. Yet with that scum-hag Solanis walking free with only a mild paddling one expects the root-puller Tiptree to receive a similar juvenille-like punishment.
Meantime, let’s hope the story and paparazzi fee is returned to AVfM by the outing sleuth having social conscience. The court of public opinion may be just the thing to begin a prolonged hearing and rightful penance.

You mean, like the one you're starting up here, John Hembling? Let's look at the "Kathy Yates'" letter in my first posting again. 
John "Nukes for Palestine" the Other 
They’re welcome to misunderstand words and act like general morons. What they can’t do with impunity is start a private murder club.

Kris, you need to get a job and out of that basement.
Kris W
Rely? I still wonder about the smiley face serial killings. All near rad fem controlled schools, with the local police and FBI going out of their way to cover it up..
Still makes me wonder…

Hi, CM, do you really want to encourage a conspiracy to hurt a stranger who never did a thing to you?
The thing about their plan is that is it such a gargantuan effort. They are so extremely one sided, that any movement further in their direction of choice would take such extreme effort, that there is simply no way they can achieve anything they want.
They are going to GMO our foods to what? Reduce our sperm count? They’ve already done that. We’re still here.
They want to put men in prisons to an extraordinary preponderance of degree? They have already done that, we are still here.
They want to pass laws outlawing masculinity and male consciousness? They have already done that, we are still here.
They want to turn society into a gynocentric nightmare matrix? They’ve already done that, we are still here!
The point is there plan doesn’t lead anywhere. They may even accomplish everything they set out to do, break their backs and actually achieve their extreme goals. But you know what is going to happen?
We are still going to be around. It would only take 1 man, to over come a world of women. Just one.
They are bound to fail, because in the end strength overcomes weakness.
I’m just trying to encourage, here. I do recognize the need to oppose these people, tirelessly turn against them and resolve oneself to dismounting them from any kind of power. This must be done. Men must show up now for the only real war there is. Nonetheless keep in mind our enemies are the losers forever.

You mean, Paul, when I exercise free speech, I should be "taken down", but when you threaten me, it's OK?
Paul Elam in reply to CyclotronMajesty
Honestly, I am not so sure. There is already a built in feminist influence most of the halls of power. But even beside the point, the fact that they are even trying to is enough to justify some serious effort in taking them down.

Yes, it is more than idle-chitchat. CM. You creepy men are plotting various illegitimate acts against me, trying to invade my privacy and ruin my reputation. 
CyclotronMajesty in reply to Paul Elam
Defiantly. We must turn against them. But i’m sure that they will loose. Probably because we are going to stop them. But their own toxicity, will also destroy them. Nonetheless I agree, lets spare them and everyone else the slow freeze, and put them on ice right away, however we can.
The best way is to continue to do what we are doing, the MRM. This is more than just idle chit chat on the computer. What we are doing is creating a group mind, a force in the world, which does influence it. And it is good that you bring these things up.

You mean commit a crime? Please take note, law enforcement. 
Sting Chameleon in reply to CyclotronMajesty
Put them on ice? More like, utterly disintegrate them.

It's going to take the whole band of creepy men to try to overcome this one woman, Malestrom.
Malestrom in reply to CyclotronMajesty
”It would only take 1 man, to over come a world of women. Just one.”
Oh my God that’s just so good, I’m going to be using that frequently from now on, in fact I may adopt that as my personal motto.

I never advocated anything like that, Zookie. I see you're a woman? I'm sure you'll do well at this creepy man site, good luck!
Wow, I had no idea there were “women” out there like that! This site is an eye opener, for sure.
I am shocked at these people (term used loosely) advocating murdering their babies at birth. And being so gleeful about it.
Disgusting. I’m not sure I’ll sleep well tonight.
Thanks for your site.
(p.s. is it okay to comment here as a woman?)

Like I'm book-marking these comments, Muk?
Muk in reply to zookie
and I’ll have to bookmark it for future reference
just for the Feminists who claim that they’re not anti-male

Uh  oh. Just don't, like, be womanish or anything, Zookie. He means, keep your mouth shut, Zookie.
Muk in reply to zookie
(p.s. is it okay to comment here as a woman?)
Of course. Most would welcome you
Just don’t throw it out there like “Look at me! I’m a Woman!”

I wonder how Zookie will fare. Let's watch for something substantive from her, after this fine welcome.
Paul Elam in reply to zookie
Welcome, and we have no problem with women here, just misandrists, whether they are male or female.

I'd agree with the voracity part, Scott. You guys are acting like piranhas.
scott1978 in reply to zookie
Zookie , contrary to what you might have hear women are more than welcome here , every voice gives weight, gives voracity to what we are fighting for.

Could you take Paul with you, Bev?
Bev (Beverley Armitage, Australia)
I wish everyone seasons greetings. We are going fishing/exploring for 3 months. The patrol is serviced the caravan(off road) is hitched up and the boat is loaded. We are going bush. As we will be off the beaten track we will be off the “Grid” mostly except when we are at our daughter’s for xmas. Back in Feburary.

(Bev prudently hasn't been seen since).
Paul Elam in reply to Bev
Have a fantastic time, Bev. We’ll keep the light on for you.

"Bitch"? The money appears to quite possibly be an act in furtherance of a conspiracy, Paul. Let's see - who provided it? The name's cached it.
Paul Elam
Well, it took about 45 minutes before someone pledged the $1,000.00 to locate this bitch.
Damn, I love this place.

Now you're doing military training to engage me, the enemy, Tawil (Jason, "Peter Wright")? 
For anyone with ears to hear, please take note of the word “androgens” in the protagonist’s plea for male “modification”.
The particular andrgen this woman has in mind is testosterone, and she is following the myth that testosterone poisons all males and forces them to evil acts against women and planet- hence her justification for modifying males.
As part of our military training for engaging this particular enemy I recommend that everyone first brush up on the real, scientifically validated function of testosterone. You can brush up here: author is one of the world’s leading biologists)
Arm yourselves with the facts before proceding.

You're not defending yourself, Mongo. You're conspiring to hurt me for no reason. I don't even know you and have no issue with you. I said we must find a way to extirpate male pathology, i.e., violence. How dare you say that I advocate mass murder.
mongo in reply to Tawil (Jason)
With all respect Tawil, we do not need to assure ourselves that testosterone is not a poison in order to defend ourselves. Our right to defend ourselves is due to the fact we are human and that we exist. Even if testosterone were a radioactive substance fatal to women, it would still be no argument for this insane ‘extirpation’ talk – as soon as one enters on this amoral line of thinking, the ‘extirpation of women’ would just as easily answer that particular dilemma. Ultimately women too are human and exist. Neither of us need to answer for our biological heritage. But crazy people with mass-murder in mind definitely need to answer for their deranged thinking before they hurt somebody.

Is this how you show moral superiority, Jason, by supporting threatening, intimidating, and conspiring to harm complete strangers?
Tawil in reply to mongo
Valid points Mongo, we are human and we have the right to protect ourselves regardless of our androgenic inheritance.
“But crazy people with mass-murder in mind definitely need to answer for their deranged thinking before they hurt somebody.”
Exactly my point, and is why you missed intention of the link I posted….. you might appreciate after reading the material- it shows that the understanding of testosterone’s function held by most people, even by some biologists, invites misandry and my contention is that by demonstrating the false premises we gain moral superiority in the fight. It is on such wrong premises that the Vliet Tiptrees of this world can more easily perpetuate hate. Unfortunately the premises (or deranged thinking as you call it) upon which she builds her case are the same false premises held by many in the MRM- that testosterone causes aggression, competition and violence. This in fact is incorrect, and she needs to answer for it.

I made no such case, Mongo. Does that matter at all to you?
mongo in reply to Tawil
I doubt Jews would have argued with Nazis over the claim that their genes were inferior. Some arguments simply must not be engaged in – as soon as you enter into them, they gain a kind of acceptance.
A case for the ‘extirpation’ of half the human race does not need to be debated.

Testosterone does need more of a look, judging from this site, Alek.
Alek Novy in reply to Tawil
Yep, testosterone has grown to be a “catch-all-negative-term” thrown around for everything and anything. Most people using it don’t even understand it.

Back to the cyberstalking, eh, Muk?
Well, I found this:
It looks legit, but I don’t know if I want to sign up for their service to find out…

Big of you, Grey Knight.
Grey Knight in reply to Muk
I’ll sign up for their service if you want. Also, I don’t care about the reward.

Stalking is fu-hun, when you are creepy...
Muk in reply to Muk
I’m trying to find it Via the copyright on the site but the search function on the registration office kinda sucks
Just updating to share attack strategies~
There is a number that I’ll call tomorrow to ask the copyright office for help tomorrow
By Telephone
For general information about copyright, call the Copyright
Public Information Office at (202) 707-3000. Staff members
are on duty from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, eastern time, Monday
through Friday, except federal holidays.

"Let's have a bunch of creepy men try to find a private citizen who is exercising her right of free speech and take her out."
Grey Knight in reply to Muk
We need someone with a shell account and patience to get a packet sniffer going so we can get IP’s.

A poet, eh! Pretty scary! You better defend yourself from this female poet, eh, GK?
Grey Knight
Email Address:
Name: Unlisted
Location: Redmond, WA
IP Address:
Social Networks: No member records found
Public Records: No instances found
Web Results: No instances found
Nothing in that report Sorry.
That IP is strange. It’s located in Frankfurt, Germany and the ISP is Level 3. I wonder if it’s a proxy- nevermind it’s a Hotmail server.

Creepy men on the hunt...
This information might be useful in finding her too:
Let me briefly describe my background: a hard-working girlhood without much protection in East Los Angeles, California; the feminist ferment of the 1970′s; a first professional job as a civil rights investigator for the federal government; law school; working as an affirmative action coordinator at several universities and colleges; practicing employment discrimination law along with criminal and civil litigation; marriage, motherhood, divorce; becoming a writer of novels and poetry as my second career.
She grew up in East LA during the 70′s, so she’s at least 40 years old and she has poetry about menopause so she’s probably in her 60′s
She has worked for the government
She has worked at Universities
it SHOULD be possible to find her
I wish I were more buddy-buddy with the “Anonymous” peeps…

Hey, Grey, what's your real name? I mean, if you're going to invade other people's privacy, you have to expect to go public yourself, right?
Grey Knight in reply to Muk
Name: Laura C Vandervliet
Location:Redmond, WA
Age: 62
Relatives: Chris, Daniel, Jean
That’s the result I get with “vliet poetry” in Redmond, Washington.
I don’t know how accurate that information is, though.
Muk, or anyone else, if you can cross check the information with your own investigation and we come up with the same result, then that would be our psycho feminist target.

Hi, Muk, does your mother know you call complete strangers "bitches"? Not that he doesn't totally respect women, Zookie...where is Zookie?
Muk in reply to Grey Knight
We might just have this bitch…
It’s not unlikely that she could have moved to Washington from California…
I’m trying to look her up in relation to feminism, poetry or novels but so far nothing.
Does the government disclose the names of it’s employees?
How about universities?
I’ll do more searching later…

Vliet sounds like she must be a Dutch slut. Dutch sluts are far more scary than Irish sluts, it's said.
Denis (Donald L. Denis) in reply to Grey Knight
I got this from a google search result of the radfem forum:
Apr 2011 – Hi, I’m a woman writer and ex-lawyer from the West Coast, 60ish, … I chose Vliet because it means “Flow” or flowing like a river in Dutch, … Maybe I should have just used my usual poetry monicker, … Courage to be is the key to the revelatory power of the feminist revolution (Mary Daly)
I can’t enter the forum without an account to get the full read but it’s useful information.
The Tiptree is a reference to the pseudonym James Tiptree Jr. who is a female poet.

Persecuting women is hard work...
Muk in reply to Denis
If “vliet” isn’t part of her name
then we might have the wrong person…

You know, Don, that you and Gray Knight, may be exposing this lady and her family to harm from one of the unstable men on your site?
Denis (Donald L. Denis) in reply to Muk
Maybe not, but I’m searching for something to indicate if vandervliet has a history in law, civil rights or affirmative action. So far not much.
The 60ish matches up.

andybob in reply to Muk
I thought we had her too. The Number 1 name Yahoo throws up in relation to Laura C Vandervliet is a professional cat groomer…..

Sleepless nights cyberstalking can sure take it out of you...
Grey Knight in reply to Muk
I’m getting her address and criminal record now.
The address shows that she’s in Redmond, WA – but that could be wrong.
So….. Regardless, we’ll know all about her soon enough.

Thanks, Greg, you saved my investigators some trouble here. BTW, I can only laugh at the word "moral" cropping up anywhere on your creepy site.
I added this to the Radfem post, doubt it will get through “comment moderation” -
Ladies , pick a state any state, ask Obama for it and some start up funds (he will happily oblige, or your Australian sisters could ask Julia Guillard the Australian prime mistress she will probably give you Tasmania- it has a moat around it to isolate you from the patriachy ) , expel all the testosterone poisioned men and boys, and be happy fucking yourselves. Hope your technology can evolve female only reproduction before you become extinct, if so good luck sustaining and defending your utopia.
Oh by the way Vliet Tiptree if you have the moral courage of your convictions , tell us who you really are and were you can be contacted directly. My name is Dr Greg Canning and you can contact me”
Happy to contribute funds to your efforts her Paul and JTO .

Antz, I'll only sue him if he continues to engage in a conspiracy to cyberstalk, invade my privacy, and cause me emotional distress, and whatever else Paul Elam cooks up for him to do. Greg, you should check out Paul. You might not want to follow orders any more.
AntZ in reply to Rper1959
You should not have told them your name. These women have a proven record of cruelty and violence.

I suppose it doesn't matter that I'm not your ex, Dr. Canning, don't know you from Adam, but she's a woman, I'm a woman, nuff said, right?
Rper1959 in reply to AntZ
Thanks for your concern but I have been desensitised by 12 years of my malicious ex’s state sanctioned “cruelty and violence”, to the point of not giving a shit. If radfem want to come after me personally in any way, so be it, might get some mainstream media attention as a result, and that may be a good thing.

Says the dude who's trying to get the real name of an anonymous blogger right now...
J3DIforce1 in reply to Rper1959
I agree with Antz! not a good idea.

Hi, Jake, how you doing? 
Jmahurien in reply to Rper1959
If they email you, you can find their IP address quite quickly and be able to locate them from that.

Whoa, Kimski. I can't think of one single thing I've done to you in my life either, so why are you trying to hurt me?
Raving, foaming and mad as hatters. That is really all I can say, because I’m left somewhat speechless here.
As a member of the male gender, I actually went over my life and I couldn’t find one single thing that I have ever done to anyone, that could justify such hatred and disgust as disclosed in the article and the answers.
I did however find a multitude of examples of the opposite.
Are these people projecting their inner selves? Because it screams to me, that this is what is happening here.
This is the kind of stuff that usually gets people confined to straightjackets in small rooms with padded walls, and classical music over the speakers.

Tim, take a serious look at what you're spinning here.
Tim Legere
While reading the Blog (i.e. at Radfem Hub) I felt a shiver run down my spine. I can imagine it was a similar experience to someone reading the book “Mein Kampf” (i.e. My Struggle) by Adolf Hitler before he came to power. in Germany.
I’m sure that people (in the 1920′s and 30′s) dismissed Hitler as just another “radical” and someone who could never come to power and implement his terrifying ideas. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case.
We need to be forever vigilant of radicals and expose their hatred to the world. History teaches us that evil is often cloaked in a non malevolent disguise but people of good conscience often discover that too late.
Let’s not make that mistake.

The rest of the creepy guys were up plotting all night, and you were snoring in the rack?
Holy shit:
A guy goes to sleep and wakes up to this.
I love MRA’S!!!!!!

Hi, Alek, you little troll...go play World of Warcraft or something till Mom calls you for dinner.
Alek Novy
A little off-topic but funny, I was trolling their blog, and found this:
These radfems actually believe that courts hand out dick-passes  That it is men who are defended and the poor wimminz villified and presumed guilty first
That’s so funny…

It's your ass hanging out here, Alek, and whoa mama! it ain't tiny...
Alek Novy in reply to Alek Novy
I found this brochure too:
“If women no longer performed sexual labor for free” – “the whole system would come crashing down”
WTF?  Do they not realize that by describing women’s sexual lives as“women having sex for free” – that they are saying that all women are prostitutes
The whole system would break apart “if all women stopped having sex for free?”
BWAHAHHAHA – maaan these bitches is dam funny…
No miss radfem, men would just invent sex-robots to replace your fat ass

I'm not a Swede, Stu, but I'm a woman, so that's enough to blame me for Swedish laws, right?
Stu in reply to Alek Novy
Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it feminists that made the law in Sweden that prostitution is legal….for the hooker…..but men who use them are criminals. Is it not also them that are attempting to distroy the sex industry, porn, strip clubs, etc. So they are apparenty against a women being paid, and against them not being paid……that figures…..that means they are actually against all hetrosexual sex……..tell me something I didn’t know

I like the smiley face emoticon [not shown] in the midst of all your hatred, Alek. It's a nice touch.
Alek Novy in reply to Stu
Feminists have never been against prostitution – they’re only against cheap prostitution  They hate street prostitution the most and pursue it the most since it lowers the market price of pussy.
Vaginamony is a form of prostitution – you’re paying for past use of a pussy.
Extremely broad rape definitions are a form of punishing men for not paying enough. “He fucked me but didn’t give me a relationship or a car, off to jail, he didn’t pay enough”

Hey, TM, look, you and Alek are about 15, right? Porn problem?
tm in reply to Alek Novy
Feminists are also agains prostitution if they’re not good looking enough for the sexual market place (or unwilling to engage in it).

I figured you lived in a place called Duckburg or something like that, Universe.
universe in reply to Stu
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it feminists that made the law in Sweden that prostitution is legal….for the hooker…..but men who use them are criminals”.
– That “Sweden” is also right here where I live.
The girls get socially paid cellphones – ostensibly to report rapists and the like but more likely the effect becomes a more efficient co-ordinating of their lucrative personal capitalist venture. (Forget the world’s oldest profession – the world’s first capitalist).
The guys get – “john school” (plus vehicle confiscation, fines [paid to the other whores], a criminal record and a great public profile for all to see in the newspapers).
Who needs to emigrate or visit the Scandinavias when it’s all here right in (Daisy) Duckburg.

Working up some froth, TM?
tm in reply to universe
Uneffingbelievable. It looks like a government sponsored honey trap, with women having the cake and eating it. That’s what having all the choices is like: they get money from the nanny state and the johns they like, and they report the ones they don’t.

Yeah, biology has to be a factor, to explain this site, Antz. 
“There have been compelling scientific proofs that men, because of their Y chromosomes, are doomed to extinction anyway…”
– Maggie
“Women need to stop raising male children … nobody wants to bite that bullet (except lesbian separatists) but it must be done.”
– Mary Sunshine
“… the not raising male children one is difficult one for me as I have one!! I mean, we need female children and I’m so glad I have a daughter. SHe was my first, perhaps I should have stopped at one …”
– cherryblossomlife
“More importantly, I think womyn need to stop giving birth to any more males…”
– Maggie
“The Y chromosome is deteriorating … Men will eventually become extinct. It is unavoidable.”
– Maggie
“… the only solution to womens suffering under patriarchy *is* a biological one … that men are biologically, genetically mentally ill, and the only solution to this is a biological solution … ”
“I’m so glad that you and others are open to considering a biology-based analysis of what is wrong with men.”
– vliet
“… look at animals… Females live together in groups, they *are* the community, and men hover around the outskirts fighting and killing each other. Let’s go back to the way it’s supposed to be, I say.”
– cherryblossomlife
“Even if we killed off 90% of men, the majority of women left over would do their best to keep the oppressive system. I’d dare say we’d have to kill off all the women too and leave the little girls and radfems to create the utopia.”
– Lilith
“The *magic number* to bring the males under control is ~30% of the population (roughly 2 females per male) … the men have managed to kill themselves off with a lot of warring, then the women get into politics and make a lot of community-friendly political decisions … so much for the MRA scare tactics of a matriarchy being just the reverse of a patriarchy.”
– DaveSquirrel
“My Vision:: A world where mothers are in charge, every step of the way … A world where males are shunned by everyone & punished severely …”
– patriarchywatch
“It’s *men* that are redundant due to their high fertility. They should be fighting each other, fighting for the right to pass on their genes: survival of the fittest *man* is how it really should be.”
– cherryblossomlife

It goes on and on.
I hope that there is a lot of space at “register-her”.

Stars, it's called free speech. It's OK for you to dislike what I said. I don't like being called a "fuckhead" but I don't threaten to hurt you because of it.
StarsDie in reply to AntZ
This shit infuriates me. And I know it wouldn’t infuriate me so much if I knew everyone disarms these psychotic voices. I can read a bunch of KKK ramblings on KKK internet forums and it won’t infuriate me nearly as much, because I can at least think to myself “I’m glad these voices are relatively shunned by society”.
I’m infuriated because I know that some people will read that feminist forum and not see how dangerous it is. People who read it may not necessarily “agree” with what is being said on the forums, but very few people will think of it as anything more than a “dissenting opinion”.
It’s time that people no longer see what these fuckheads are saying as “dissenting opinions”, and it’s time that they see it for the dangerous bigotry that it is. The idea to wipe men off the face of the earth is NOT just a different philosophical viewpoint. It’s a fucking poison and it should not be tolerated by ANYONE.

So you would try to get my children taken away. Because I criticized male violence. 
Raven01 in reply to StarsDie
They regularly delete all dissenting opinion on forums such as this to give a fake picture that they have support.
Few, if any have the parts to put a name with their face when spouting this drivel. They KNOW they would be called on their idiocy and ostracised but, are hell-bent on creating a dreamland where they don’t seem as psychotic as they really are.
If any of the supportive commentors or authors identities are found I would be very quick to pass on this information to child protective services where they live. They are unfit to parent a child male or female, the direct harm to a male child is self-evident but imagine the skewed view of a hetero-female child raised in such an environment and, the negative effect it would have.
I doubt these idiots even realise the ammunition they are giving the pro-life camp with their “ideas”. Clearly, these women do not deserve reproductive choice. Of course any man willing to stick his dick in such a foul woman needs his head examined also.

Most of it is Paul and his problems, Sue. That's why I'm quoting you stooges, hoping some of you will step back and look at what you're participating in. Do you really want to persecute a complete stranger?
Sue in reply to AntZ
This sounds so crazy and ridiculous, I’m inclined to think it’s fake. Is this for real?

Got a little thing for poor dead Valerie Solanas, it seems, Nigel. You have some very nice guitars, I notice. Is your electric a Gibson Les Paul? Sure isn't an ES-175d...
nigeles175d in reply to Sue
I’m not usually one to use foul language, but these women are a bunch of whacko nutcases. There have always been a great number of these types, I think most don’t take them seriously. Look up Valerie Solanas and the S.C.U.M. Manifesto taught in many U.S. women’s studies courses. And then just hope you’re not Andy Warhol.
I’m surprised she hasn’t already been brought up, here is feminist wikipedia’s “nice and feminist-politic” version: “Valerie Jean Solanas (April 9, 1936 – April 25, 1988) was an American radical feminist writer, best known for her attempted murder of Andy Warhol in 1968. She wrote the SCUM Manifesto which called for male gendercide and the creation of an all-female society.

Well, that was 45 years ago, but you have to take your feminist violence when you can, I guess. Like when feminists shot Erin Pizzey's dog a million years ago, only there's no evidence of that, so let's go back to Valerie.
Sue in reply to nigeles175d
Funny, I was just gonna mention that this whole thing reminds me of the SCUM Manifesto from “I shot Andy Warhol.”

Your reverence for bitches is noted, Mr. Zarathos. 
Zarathos022 in reply to nigeles175d
As strange as it may seem, I do hold the Solanas bitch in some degree of reverence. For while she was indeed a misandric piece of walking misery, at least she had the decency to be up and front about it.

Have a look at what you creepy men are doing, Nigel. You're cyberstalking a complete stranger. Your true colours, shinin' through.
nigeles175d in reply to Zarathos022
In a similar vein, it’s good that people like Vliet Tiptree and her cronies think they can hide on the internet. Their over-confidence allows them to show their true colours and not go underground. We cannot fight the evil that we cannot see.

Good idea, I sure would appreciate it if you creepy men would move on, Jinn.
JinnBottle in reply to Sue
Hey what’s the rationale for all the downvotes for this “Sue”? Seems she asked a reasonable question. I myself don’t see these looneytoons femsites as “possibly fake” so much as just plain not worth the time we could be spending on a hundred more consequential matters.

Because...the female spider, uh, is analogous to...uh...
Atlas Reloaded in reply to AntZ
The worst kind of feminist is a male one. That is where the black widow analogy really becomes manifest into reality.

Hi, Joe, sorry to be so hard to stalk. 
old joe
if you read her comments as tiptree2, she mentions san francisco twice. Once explicitly and once SF BART, which is public transportation. I think the problem we have is that it’s almost impossible to be certain but this might be our person:
She’s listed as an editor for some feminist sci fi and she’s in the san fran area.

But that would be the sane thing to do, Joe. Let's see if the creepy others take your advice and decide to stop stalking.
old joe in reply to old joe
I changed my mind on this lady. I can’t find any evidence of her being a lawyer and she seems to have worked at/been a partner in a bookstore for most of her life.
After thinking about this, I don’t think there’s much chance of finding vliet. She’s only been posting under this username for a few months and while she has posted some personal details, none of them are likely to be able to help us track her down with any degree of certainty. If the idea is to do some damage to the kind of people who support genocide and other brutal “solutions” I think it’d make more sense to just take all of the posters on the site and see if any of them have posted anything personal enough to identify them.
Below is the personal information I found on vliet tiptree, snagged from her blog post and the comments section on radfem hub:
Let me briefly describe my background: a hard-working girlhood without much protection in East Los Angeles, California;
the feminist ferment of the 1970′s;
a first professional job as a civil rights investigator for the federal government;
law school;
working as an affirmative action coordinator at several universities and colleges;
practicing employment discrimination law along with criminal and civil litigation;
marriage, motherhood, divorce;
becoming a writer of novels and poetry as my second career.
Vliet Tiptree is a writer, poet, and ex-attorney blogging at
Thank you very much for this work, FCM. Now I’ll have to go to OWS in Santa Cruz in order to hand out the brochures! Maybe I’ll see Julia doing the same thing.
I only know about her from books – and you mentioned Wiscon – I went for the first time to Madison at the

Uh, oh, frothing again...and for a minute old Joe sounded just about sane...
The rad fem puts the misogyny on its skin or else it gets the hose again!
A single day can’t go by without rad fems putting on their fucking clown shoes!

Hi, Paul. Stop stalking and harassing and threatening me. 
Paul Elam
Shit! I guess that will teach me to get some sleep! I know we have MRA’s in the Seattle area that come to this site regularly. That is very close to Redmond, I think.

Hey, Steve, Paul Elam's not the only one running with it. It's a conspiracy, and you're an accomplice.
E. Steven Berkimer in reply to Paul Elam
It is Paul. I’m originally from that area. Too bad I’m in Chicago (of course, that helped with Jenna Karvunidis), so it’s a trade off.
Thanks for running with this.

Are you planning to attack and harm the target soon, Nigel? I'll let the Derby police deal with you. Is anybody sane in here?
nigeles175d in reply to Paul Elam
We need to check and confirm the target via multiple independent sources to make sure she is the correct person responsible for this. Just remember how many vigilantes have attacked and harmed men on the false allegations of women.

Raven, your quarry is getting grumpy at your talk of  "utterly destroying" her. She's looking you up as we speak.
Raven01 in reply to nigeles175d
Although, the world would be better off with this harridan as worm-food, I’m pretty confident you will not find anyone here advocating for violence.
Photo’s of this woman with direct quotes from her own words will more than suffice in utterly destroying this woman.
Every coffee shop, every telephone pole, every bus shelter and every campus. If she is found I can create and upload a QR barcode to link to this article, anyone with a smartphone can see for themselves in seconds.
But, even for non-violent action you are correct we must be sure of our quarry before we go on the offensive.

I'm deleting your libel of another woman, UTP, for your sake.
For anyone who doesn’t know, the radfem hub is the battiest of the batty. I mean, it’s the fucking belltower when it comes to cyberfeminism. I’ve known about it ever since I stumbled across one of its member’s blogs called “X” (subsequent trashtalk about another person deleted)

Let's get demonizin'!
J3DIforce1 in reply to UTP
If you look closely at the mental and social patterns of most radical feminist, you will see they share the same traits as a psychopath! I am not saying this to be funny…it is a very real and disturbing truth.

Hey, Stars, speaking of bigotry, your buddies are calling me a target, a bitch, a cunt, a harridan, and an Irish slut. Now that last slur really pisses me off. Anybody going to stand up for the Irish in here? When stuff like that slips out as in the above posting, you realize guys like Paul hate everybody, not just women. 
StarsDie in reply to UTP
These ideas sadly don’t surprise me very much. I haven’t seen it put so bluntly very often, but I’ve seen different variations of it. I’m really baffled. And really saddened by how long-gone the minds of some of these feminists are.
And yet, no one seems to call these psychos out on their unusual level of bigotry. Or at least, no one other than MRA’s.

Back to stalking a woman he doesn't even know...and I was starting to like Old Joe...
old joe
she mentions san francisco twice, once explicitly and once SF BART, which is public transportation in the area. Since these are very recent it seems very likely we’re looking for someone there.

They have good sourdough bread there, I hear.
StarsDie in reply to old joe
Why’d it have to be San Francisco. The place I live and grew up in.


Keep talkin' to yourself, buddy.
old joe in reply to old joe
another comment she says she’s going to santa cruz occupy wall street to hand out fliers. That was Oct 18. I think that confirms 100% that she’s in the SF area.

Have you looked at these creepy men plotting to hurt a stranger right here, Craig?
rexxthunder (Craig Nisbet)
Holy Crap!! I just went to their site. I didn’t think hate groups like this still existed outside of the Middle East.

I'm sure feminists will beat avfm's door down, Antz. Is it your bedtime yet?
Reading through the comment by Michael Horowitz, I had the idea that once per month, AVfM could invite wacko feminists to post here. Then we can make fun of them.
Partly for comic relief. Mostly because some kinds of crazy are so moronic that they strengthen the opposite viewpoint.
I would like to hear more from Herr Horowitz.

Maggie said it, so let's get Vliet! 
“More importantly, I think womyn need to stop giving birth to any more males…”
– Maggie”
They might want to get with the Chinese government on that one. Ever since the “one child” policy the male predominates, while the female is out of vogue…because males offer better “worker” utility.
(This is the same “one child” policy that Joe Biden said he “understood” while he was visiting there.)
In other words, when limited to one child and given a choice over what sex that child will be, the Chinese are consciously choosing males over females. The consequences of social engineering, yet again.
Just shows how pathologically deluded these Male Haters are. They’re a 10 on the scale of feminist insanity. It’s the hatred of males that wymyns studies courses all over creates.

An Irish whore, Sir.
Atlas Reloaded
“I’m serious about this. If we can do it with corn, men ought to be easy.”
What a sick, demented whore.

Hi, Atlas, and you're complicit in all the creepy comments here.
Atlas Reloaded
“More importantly, I think womyn need to stop giving birth to any more males…”
– Maggie
“The Y chromosome is deteriorating … Men will eventually become extinct. It is unavoidable.”
– Maggie
Now, from now on anyone who aligns themselves with feminism as far as I am interested, supports this kind of thinking.

Yes, the Y chromosome is deteriorating. You ought to be working on that instead of stalking people, IMHO.
giovannidannato in reply to Atlas Reloaded
I remember there being a whole chapter on men going extinct both genetically and economically in
‘Are Men Necessary’ by Maureen Dowd
Dowd is a regular columnist in the mainstream media(New York Times, I believe) and as a result, she’s considered more of a ‘moderate.’
There was actually an interview with some scientist specifically about the subject of the Y chromosome deteriorating.
This is indeed a regular component of the feminist canon.

As is any woman who says anything you don't like, right, Atlas? Especially a successful one. What do you do for a living, BTW?
Atlas Reloaded in reply to giovannidannato
Dowd is a regular maggot.

Free speech is a right, Dave. It's the creepy plotting and stalking and sending poison-pen letters that is really bad...oh, wait, I see that's what you're supporting here.

Paul's off plotting with John Hembling and Kyle Lovett right now, but he'll be right back. Meantime, the stooges are hard at work...MRMRising has contributed his bit. He rises from the toilet seat and toddles off to the pub...
It states she was/is an employee of a University. I know The University of Washington (UW) is not far from Redmond, maybe she works there. If she is employed there, the Uni will have her record.

Just think, Don, you could be using this time to live, or something.
Denis in reply to MRMRising
No results for “vliet” in their faculty/staff directory

Hmm...try the whole State of Washington, MRM. Or maybe Oregon, it's pretty close.
MRMRising in reply to Denis (Donald L. Denis)
I did a search as well. I also looked up the staff directory for the city of Seattle, no dice. It was worth a try.

"Cunt"? Hey, Jade, for men like you everything is a war, I get it.
Jade Michael
This is the same lunatic fringe, psycho-bulldyke-blustering I remember from college in the early 90’s. Their rabidity inevitably found its way to the internet. At the time I likened them to neo-Nazis or the KKK but now I don’t even see them as having the constitution of either. And that is most likely because men aren’t running their show.
They may be trying to “assemble” and cough up plans to collectively de-androgen males but that is like trying to put all serial killers in the same room and getting them to agree on whose “style” should be definitive of their craft. Sociopaths will eventually turn on each other and corrupt themselves. That’s what they do. Sure, we all know what happened the last time a cluster of sociopaths assembled to execute mass extermination, but thankfully the saner of us learned fascism = bad. Not to say that we shouldn’t call these cunts out on their insanity and publicly shame them, but in the end Buffy the Andro Slayer will lose, regardless. They’ve been at this for how long and still the only they can collectively do is bitch about how “unfairly” they are treated in society? Meanwhile, outside the solarium, the world continues to turn on its axis and men (who are used to, and good at working together) are studying the opposition in anticipation for war.
I say bring it on bitches.

Yay, let's hurt people like in the Holocaust! And pretend it's a sport! 
andybob in reply to Jade Michael
Radfems may lack the STEM skills to bring their biological warfare fantasies to fruition – but they have pussy. Hear that Gamers?
Holocaust Game!

Well, you did write a complete sentence, I'll give you that.
Sting Chameleon in reply to andybob
But many of us who are getting those STEM skills won’t put them into the service of these cunts, and will work actively to counter them.

You just have to get into that women-only site, it must be penetrated, they must not be allowed to criticize men, they must be punished in the usual fashion...listen to yourself, please.
I have read that post on RadFemHub. Those radical feminist are pure evil. In a way, however, I think they are less stupid than your ordinary feminists. At least they do acknowledge some biological differences between men and wome. It will be very difficult to find the real identity of this bitter woman. I will try to infiltrate this website as a feminist and see if I can help AVFM. If I discover any info, I do not expect any reward.

Good heavens, Seth, do some reading. 160,000,000 baby girls have been aborted worldwide due to bias against having little girls. 
forweg (Seth Weisend)
I would challenge any feminist to find a single site on the internet which advocates for the murder of baby girls at birth and 200+ supportive comments agreeing with such a stance.
This is the true face of feminism. I’m almost thankful that these radfem loons are exposing the true feminist agenda beyond all the typical lies about “equality”.

The thing is, Star, we may talk, but we don't do the creepy things your buddies are doing here. You know. To your "quarries". 
StarsDie in reply to forweg
That’s an important point. Because for anyone who is on the fence, they ought to see the discrepancies between who they label as “radical”. Often times the fence-sitters (noseriouslywhatabouttehmenz etc..) will label MRA’s as “radical”, when I can’t think of ONE MRA who has said nearly as many horrendous things about women as the radical feminists have said horrendous things about men. This should clue these people in on the amount of toxicity there is between feminist and MRA beliefs. Or at least clue these people in on who has more of a stranglehold in this society on what is allowed to be said. Clearly, feminists hold the upper hand in the gender discourse when shit like that is being ignored. Anyone skeptical of the power of feminism in western society should show me one MRA who has gotten away with suggesting female genocide. If we lived in a ‘patriarchy’, talk of male genocide would be forbidden and talk of female genocide would be fair game.

Hi, Auntie, who's actually whining?
Auntie Pheminizm
“Vliet Tiptree
Posted October 5, 2011 at 5:32 pm | Permalink
Very well-written article. It’s the first time I knew the Hate Crimes Act includes “gender”, since nobody is ever charged for it no matter how conspicuous the hatred of women is in the perpetration of the crime. No doubt if a woman ever kills a man due to hatred of men, the statute will pop into use. Will start using femicide right now on sites such as RadFemHub. Thank you for this analysis.”—the-power-of-a-name/
IF a women ever kills a man due to hatred of men? Do females mock, mutilate, and murder men now because they LOVE us?
Radfems are like Nazis: They whine about the slightest offense, real or imagined, experienced by THEIR tribe while caring not a jot about severe crimes committed against others.
How is that possible? Easy. Being emotional, fembots are not bound by logic, reason, consistency, or morality. They feel free to make rules that they, themselves, don’t have to abide by.
In their pea-brains, there’s no problem being hypocrites since only males are hobbled by rationality.
This is why femoonbats can damn men for being sexist while saying things like, “Sure, I know I’m being sexist, but…” with straight faces. Like children, they are solipsistic. They alone matter in the world. Character is redefined to be whatever gets them off the hook. Contradictions aren’t contradictions to such c*nts. They know no one will hold their philosophic feet to fires.

Renly, this is no time to ramble. The quarry must be extirpated!
Renly in reply to Auntie Pheminizm
“”Sure, I know I’m being sexist, but…””
Nah, they [i]can’t[/i] be sexist, remember? That’s what probably any female radical feminist would tell you. “I’m a woman! I can’t be sexist!”. Of course, the radical feminist males would just sit back and accept that. They have no problem saying, “Oh, forgive me, goddesses! I’m a sexist! I’m a lowly male, therefore I’m sexist!” As far as I’m concerned, it’s just a way to control the dialectic. To most (?) people who see the term “sexist” (meaning outside of feminist circles), “sexist” seems to denote someone who hates or feels superior due to their sex. However, rad fems try to pull the whole “I can’t be sexist!” act, which is a way to disarm their opponents. They can call [i]you[/i] sexist, but you can’t call them that. If you’re a man, you’re already sexist. If you’re a woman who is against them, then you’ve “internalized oppression” and are sexist (but only if you’re sexist against women, of course). You know the whole “Don’t argue with idiots; they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”? To an outsider who doesn’t know anything, a rad fem might actually be seen as winning the argument, as they’re able to back up their double standards with more nonsense. That is also how they probably justify it to themselves (“I can’t be sexist! I’m oppressed!”). Something else to consider: I’ve seen otherwise decent people justifying or excusing misandry by saying “It’s just a response to misogyny”. I suppose we’ll have to challenge these people when they appear, although we probably have to be careful about how we challenge them. Some of these people may not be against us; some of these may also not be fans of feminism. However, if we come across too harsh or “assholish” to them, we may end up turning them against us. There are probably lots of people out there who are already against us, and there’s probably nothing we can do to change that. Those are the people in which no matter our conduct, they won’t care. Bad conduct will only reinforce their beliefs, and good conduct will probably be seen as a coverup or anomaly.
What’s the point of this rambling? I’m not sure; I just felt like getting it out, I suppose.

Try translating into Devanagari, Frigo! OK, one of you finally got a laugh out of me.
“Vliet Tiptree” sounds like if it is an anagram. I’ve fed it into an online anagram solver, but so far only “Peter Evil Tit” came up. Which might be some cynical joke, but I doubt it.

lol...don't worry, Kyle's got his work computer, he's on the case...
tm in reply to Frigo
Are there any veterans left from Blechley Park who worked on Enigma?

Now that's symbolic and poetic, Giovanni. I'll accept that. 
giovannidannato in reply to Frigo
I can’t help it, I keep thinking of Liet Kynes in the Duniverse.
In any case,
May her blade chip and shatter.

Speaking as a target who is being stalked by you creepy men, I have to say the pot's calling the kettle black. That's an old Irish slut expression, I think.
Have filed a report with wordpress perhaps other can do the same.
“The post on this page is denegrating of men and proposes the systematic extermination of men including male infants, and genetic engineering of men as a final resolution of ? women’s oppression. As such it is inciting violence and sexual hatred. It would clearly breach sex discrimination and hate laws in my country Australia ( and I will be reporting the site to our sex discrimination commissioner) . I respectfully request the this site be suspended and the authors, made aware of their responsabilities under you terms of service.
A selection of the post and comments follows “……….

Whatever you tell me to do, Massa Elam.
I’ll try and find out something about this shitheel, Mr. Elam.

I have the greatest respect for men's extermination abilities, don't get me wrong, Malestrom.
I can get angry reading stuff like this, but then i remember ”hey, they’re only women, they aren’t actually going to DO anything, they’re just going to sit around clucking about it like a bunch of fat hens, who probably have more brains between them than this lot anyway”.
Any form of formal, mass extermination or subjugation of men could only possibly be carried out by other men. Who do they think is going to build and man the camps? Who is going to force the men into them? If the sex war becomes a shooting war I can count on one hand the number of seconds women would last against men, their success so far has been keeping it a cloak and dagger affair. That can only get you so far, when it comes to extermination there has to be guns and muscle behind it, you can’t talk someone into a gas chamber

I was talking about non-violent men in man-caves playing ukeleles, that was my "resolution". Relax, Doc.
Rper1959 in reply to Malestrom
They are talking about a biological / genetic “resolution” such tecnology for bioterrorism is already available, it would not be that difficult if some extremist were inclined to do so to target men (or some aspect of the male genome) without guns or force, men could be blissfully unaware that any thing was happening! Scary stuff really.

So the housing bust has saved you from becoming an extirpee. Interesting theory.
mongo in reply to Malestrom
I don’t think that’s what they mean by ‘extirpation’. In fact, I suspect they will be fairly light on detail – it’s all the easier to defend/deny/modify then. But reading through their commentary, it looks like ‘better to prevent than cure’ is the unspoken approach. I’m hearing from several quarters now of radical feminist lesbians choosing only to bear daughters. This is the new trend they’re trying to ignite. As far-fetched as it seems, who 40 years ago would have believed that lesbianism would be so successfully pitched as a fashion statement?
Of course all these vanities are made possible by other people’s money, so if we’re in for an extended spell of economic austerity, there’s not the same likelihood of success.

Right when things are getting boring, here comes Malestrom, lumbering back into the conversation with his 32-ounce Bud...
Malestrom in reply to mongo
Lesbians bearing only daughters? Who the fuck cares? That’s more concubines for my sons.
I dont know whether I’ll get slammed for saying this, but I actually agree that life would be a lot simpler and more peaceful if men were only say 10% of the population. There would be no need to compete for anything. In fact my idea of paradise is me and a few choice friends idleing away the rest of eternity in frivolous leasure while our enormous shared harem does all the work and caters to all our physical needs in the short spaces of time between geing fucked senseless by one of us. Of course nothing but the bare minimum of work would get done and no progress would be made in way of the civilization or technology, ever, and such a society would have 0 defence against predators, invaders, or natural disasters, but then thats what we have men for in the real world.

Hi, Richard. Nice to meet you. How's the weather up north?
Arvy (Richard Virtue)
These psychotic “radfems” are not just “out there.” Such underlying hatred for men has been the inspiration for feminism from its beginning. Anyone who clings to the belief that it has (or ever had) anything whatever to do with “equality” is badly in need of a reality check. It’s a question of dominance pure and simple.
It’s not just men bad, women good. It’s men bad, matriarchy good. And it’s the kind of matriarchy that regards your offspring as the womb owner’s personal property to dispose of as she sees fit, either before birth or after. And this is the wonderful motherly gender to which child custody is almost always awarded.
God help your sons! They are the real victims of feminism in all its glorious manifestations. No “game” for them. Just slavery and death in the service of global feminism. After all, they do have some usefulness to society when called upon.

Did you choose "Rper" because it sounds like "Raper?"? How hilariously funny of you, Doc!
Just noticed the “comments policy” on radfem
comments policy
“The discussions on this blog are reserved for women. Female-born, women-identified women are welcome to take part. This means that no male-born or male-identified person is given a platform to speak in this space.An amazing thing happens when women-identified women have the chance to speak, away from the carnivorous and necrophiliac behaviors of men. Our conversations get deep, rich, interesting, and fun. This atmosphere is valued and will be protected.
We welcome comments and discussion from women who want to share ideas and move the conversation forward. Please join in!”
That will certainly silence any potential debate! but I can see how male extermination and male infanticide is such a rich interesting and fun topic.:-(

More fun than getting hurt by creepy men. Great acoustics, true.
Alek Novy in reply to Rper1959
Their conversations get ” deep, rich, interesting, and fun”?
It’s like the biggest echo-chamber in the world.

In contradistinction to you gentlemen here.
tm in reply to Rper1959
‘Our conversations get deep, rich, interesting, and fun.’
Not only do they seem at least mildly insane, but also very dull, if not stupid.
Edit: Alek N beat me to it.

You creepy men talk funny, that's how we know...
nigeles175d in reply to Rper1959
I don’t know how they would determine the sex of any poster, but they have a high degree of cognitive disonance going on. I wonder how many times they’ve ignored commentary in regard to the fact that men invented, designed, built and maintain the electricity grid, hardware, software and firmware for their computers publishing their man-hating ‘blog, and pretty much everything else.

I really enjoyed the compliments one of you creepy men posted on the women's site you tried to troll.
Fidelbogen in reply to Rper1959
The only way to go at this is to log in as a woman, and faithfully echo what the others are saying. . . but say it louder. This is a venue that does not welcome the mind of the outside world. So it deserves to choke on its own vomit, because in the end that is the only thing it ever can do.

Jade, you almost sound like you have a brain. What are you doing here? This site is for stalking, persecuting, sending threats, shit like that, not educating.
Jade Michael
OT – check the contradictions in this article. There are hints that the author understands certain aspects of misandry (without using the word), but the causes laid out for the issues discussed show a muddled understanding at best. Perhaps some educatory comments from MRAs are in order.

It's sic, Whitney, sic.
It’s just too bad we cannot sick anonymous on them! I think there is the capacity to do even a DDOS with 64K pings.
Better yet, if a large number of people all sign up as “females” and hit them with tons of comments at once. That would bring down their whole database.
I would never officially participate.

Why the hypocrisy? You're surrounded by creepy men like yourself, no need to be coy.
nigeles175d in reply to Whitney
I cannot decide which is best in these situations. It is good that we can observe these people and that they do not hide underground. Another scam would be to setup a “honey-trap” to entice such people to reveal their identities.
I would not wish to do such a thing either.

Sic, James, sic.
James Huff in reply to Whitney
We CAN sick anonymous on them. Look up the “Biting Beaver incident”. This was a redfem who was actually thinking of killing her own son for looking at porn. Anonymous found her and she immediately went underground.

Dude, anonymous is mostly girls. Look at Rooney Mara in that Stieg Larson movie, she's one. 
KARMA MRA MGTOW in reply to James Huff
Dude I think getting anonymous into the MRM would be a great move!

There actually is a joke at the end...
I read again carefully the long Radfem post quoted by Bev (I had skimmed it and it was already scary). It seems that either it’s a joke–and not a good one for that matter, or the womyn there are both insane and dangerous. Saying any one of those things is crazy enough, but to come up with a whole utopian social system based on the enslavement and partial extermination of one gender is dangerous enough to need serious investigation.

I spell it "women". How do you spell "sic"?
Raven01 in reply to tm
Anyone that spells “women” as “womyn” is giving you the first clue how much they hate men. They do not even want “men” in any part of a word they use to identify themselves.
They also are likely to refer to “herstory” and use other juvenile word-play attempts to separate themselves first and, de-value the experiences of men.

Oy, Paul and Kyle, what are you up to while the stooges wank on? 
tm in reply to Raven01
And a clue to how trite, dull, uncreative they are. And actually conformist too.
As for ‘herstory’, I suspect there are plenty who believe that the etymology of ‘history’ includes the pronoun ‘his’!

Hi, Whitney. I dig Greek too.
Whitney in reply to Raven01
History (from Greek ἱστορία – historia, meaning “inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation”)
It’s another one of those examples of patriarchal oppression that only works in English (with an ancient Greek Word).
Big fat LOLz to idiots.

Just be sure and post the entire guest essay, Skeptic. I'm sure you wouldn't want to libel me by quoting out of context.
Great work folks!
I look forward to seeing video online of this feminist fascist when she discovers her local area blanketed with notices of her moronic misandry – notices replete with her online quotes and an identity photo please.
I can just imagine it – close ups of her running out of her front door screaming “It’s the patriarchy! It’s the patriarchy!”
I don’t know how to use this site and to be honest I don’t give a hoot what people think of me even though a gay therapist said I should and he added I am a prostitute for all women are.
I serious don’t give a fuck how any of you empower yourselves but asked in a nothing voice y’all hear me saying “Please don’t hurt people that are innocents” but I know that’s impossible for men and women and that’s why we have 1,000s of politicians making laws.
I doubt anyone wants to hear from me and I have better things to care about. …. I just want to apologise up front for not responding to comments made to me. (if lucky enough they were)

Whitney in reply to julie
^ WTF? I mean really, WTF? ^
By babel fish is broken.

JinnBottle   in reply to Whitney
Whitney – LOL just what I was thinking. Can’t write, can’t think…*Must* be a feminist.

Eye on the ball, Rad.
Marcotte at it again.
Seems she’s read up on some MRM literature, attempting to spin a distinction about chivalry v.s. black slaves as her own original thinking, and then blame men.

Yeah, your site's not pretty, Cotton.
Not here as a woman, but as the mother of sons.
Not just my own sons, but those unloved and unwanted sons as well.
This has me sickened beyond measure.

Hi, Berzerker. The shame's all yours.
The Berzerker
“The capacity to hate is a frightening human reality, we are always ready to blame another, if the circumstances can free us from our own self guilt.”
However much these nutbags try to justify their own failings by projecting them on to males, they will still be far from reality, because reality does not cater for their egos.
I would say that if we can successfully shame these bunch of feminazis, who seem to be the most crazy that I have seen so far, then we shouldn’t have too big a problem with others who have not yet reached this level of grotesqueness.

It's true, Grey, you creepy guys do get pretty rabid, especially Paul Elam. But he gets the Elam Pass for Psychos, we understand.
Grey Knight in reply to The Berzerker
Despite the infuriating nature of the subject at hand, we should internalize that anger and channel our emotions properly. The contrast between our lucid resolve and tearing apart their severely flawed ideals to their rabid, irrational vitriol for all things male would make victory that much sweeter. Not fighting out of rage but instead with a sense of purpose is something I learned in my military background. Anyways, that’s just my two cents.

Oh come on, Dave, we all know you're just jealous. Give it another 30 years, some publisher's bound to be crazy enough to publish you.
Slightly OT:
The following radical feminist hysteria about “femicide” is worth reading:
Reader comment no.3 is by..yup…Vliet Tiptree.
Reader comment no.5, by a certain ‘Kathleen’, is as follows:
“Anti-feminist activism is so widespread in the United States that I am not susprised that north American feminists shy away from the term [femicide]. Most of them even shy away from terms like patriarchy, male privilege and yes, feminism.
“The American feminist movement needs to regain its courage and start naming the problem again. Femicide is a useful word and we should use is as much as our foremothers and forefathers used the term, sexual harassment.
“I would love for you to write an article for The Good Men Project. Of course, you will get lots of hate mail from misogynists who will call you a ‘misandrist’, but still, The Good Men Project needs to hear your voice, Diane.”

I guess maybe mutual understanding isn't going to happen here.
Atlas Reloaded
“– She don’t realize this part yet, but so shall she be too. How do you tell someone that they’re sawing the branch they’re perched upon?”
By thinking a great phrase a buddy of mine used, a friend who hailed from East L.A.: VCDMF.
“Vaya Con Dios Motherfucker.”
It is something you say when some shit-for-brains steals your car, is giving you the finger whole driving off with it. And you wave and smile, cause he’s does not see he is heading for a cliff.

I don't think the other creepy guys are quite up to literary comparisons, Rad.
It’s possible that that’s not a “guest post”, just a pseudonym of a pseudonym.
I would suggest reading other posts at the website and compare grammatical styles, and “go-to” words, as to ensure you’re barking up the right “tree”, so to speak…

You know, Stu, you go around doxxing people and slandering them, somebody might want to learn your last name too. Is this really the smart way to handle your frustration?
They aren’t worth talking too, debating with, or leaving comments on their blogs, nothing will get them to reconsider their views. They are beyond redemption. We should limit our activism in regards to them, to advertising their misandry for all to see, recording it….and outing as many as we can so they are forced to answer for it to their employers, any male relatives….and even the local shopkeeper.
In other words, don’t bother trying to change them…….just make them pay.

And yet here I am, trying to reason with you anyway.
tm in reply to Stu
You can’t reason with the insane and the terrorists.

Oh boy, Charles, now I see why Paul calls himself the Student Affairs Director of FTSU on some of his sites. Fuck the (Irish or whatever) Sluts Up! See, if you call it by its initials, nobody will ever figure that out! 
Here’s the “innocuous gender” outright calling for male-cleanse. These female vipers would have made the bitch-butch Mary Daly very proud. At any rate, I submit my pledge herein to support the attempt to expose these tart-brain bitches. Let us all FTSU!

That makes you liable, Null, thanks very much. And you may even have an asset or two.
null kill
Paul, you have my pledge to financially support the ousting of these individuals.

I do, Bertie, but I ain't telling.
I have tried to post on 4chan, but for some reason cannot get a post through. There may be hackers that could determine who she is if they see the reward offer. Does anybody know how to post at 4chan?

Quite right, Tiptree Jr. was a great writer, all respect.
A poster over at Nice Guy’s forum (Migu) is concerned that this may be a setup. He states the following:
“James tiptree Jr is a psuedonym. It was the pen name of feminist science fiction writer. The ideas Vliet is putting forth are a common theme in the tiptree bookclub.
He doesn’t pay attention to me, so coldfire iron john. Pass this along. he will find the original idea in one of those books. I’ve read a science fiction book based on the solanis premise.
Just a heads up. has an Oakland address near Berkeley. Its cult feminism.”
I admit Vliet Tiptree’s post seems far too many standard deviations away from even the normal levels of feminist “love” for men, that it could be a joke. However, it’s mere presence and its’ support by many posters on the internet should breach most host’s terms of agreement.
It has already been mentioned that the name could be an alias, a pseudonym, or some other non-related link to maintain anonymity. The name could simply have been inspired by’s support of feminist science-fiction in this vein of narrative.

Worried about legalities, Alek? Read "Kathy"s letter above. Bit late for that.
Alek Nogelvy in reply to nies175d
Even if it is true, they’d need to have a disclaimer somewhere – which they don’t.

And about to get wider support thanks to you all, Nigel.
nigeles175d in reply to Alek Novy
Yes, agreed Alek. The legitimacy of the ‘blog and forum is made credible by the wide support in regard to Vliet Tiptree’s ideas. It is not simply one single comment from a deluded nutcase, but a website full of deluded nutcases and hateful ideology.


Aha! Kyle's cyberstalking at work has finally turned something up! Let's see what kind of monster this Vliet Tiptree is...
Kyle Lovett
So, ummm, I found out who this woman is and there is a big reason that she has made her 4 blogger blogs private. Yep, 4 blogs.
Not sure if I should share it in public, but if someone else wants to, send me an email(you can find it on my about page on my blog) and I’ll give whoever the info to post it if they wish too. Let’s just say her publishers I don’t think would be very happy to know this info.

No need to beg, Paul. Kyle can't wait to tell you. He needs the money.
Paul Elam in reply to Kyle Lovett
PLEASE send me the info. Thanks!

He hasn't slept for 3 days, Kyle, have a heart! Do tell!
old joe in reply to Kyle Lovett
I’d be interested to know how you found her. Did you do anything special or did you just stumble across something while rooting around?

It's called invasion of privacy and cyberstalking.
Kyle Lovett in reply to old joe
People link multiple on-line ID’s all the time without considering one of them may be tied back to an anonymous handle that they use to say some pretty disturbing things. If Paul does post the info, I think you’ll be able to tell how she did that without even realizing it.

Yeah, we need to know this for the next private citizen we decide to persecute, tell us, Kyle.

old joe in reply to Kyle Lovett
I’m sure you’re right but how did you find her? Don’t put it all on paul.

Lesson One: How to Hurt Women Who You Don't Even Know, by Kyle Lovett.
Kyle Lovett in reply to old joe
There are reasons I really shouldn’t say anymore, and Paul is aware of those reasons. And I’m not putting anything on Paul, and like I said to him, it’s all public info accessible to anyone. But I will say that it will be obvious once, or if he posts the info.
Most of the answers are already right here in this thread, you just need to try different combinations of searches, and start collecting data points. Hell, you posted a good chunk of the data needed to do a search that will link the information, if you combine that with what Denis (Donald L. Denis) posted up a bit.
Look for things like:
in combination with key words, handle names and known sites and blogs. Remember using ” ” between phrases when searching is pretty powerful.
She’s been online posting since at least 2004, using another handle. In that time, she has made many comments that give pretty specific information about her life. The trick is linking the two together with data that matches exactly. Try searching a phrase that Denis (Donal L. Denis) posted using the quotes to see if you can find her second handle.
Anyway, if you still want to know all the gory details, send me an email and I’ll link the whole chain to you.
edit: And some of what this group has said in other places could be construed as a criminal act in many countries. There is a difference between talking about culling men and actively pursing a hard plan to implement. They may have no intention of moving forward with a plan, (in fact I’d say they have zero intention of carrying out such a plan) but I’m going to bet that, for comparison’s sake, if a group of people online say they are making plans to burn down a building and have an outline and general time frame of said action, then they’d probably be arrested. I’m no legal expert, so I’ll have to talk with a few other folks to see if some of the stuff I read needs to be forwarded to the FBI or other agency. Many of the other identities saying the most offensive and damning stuff are from Australia, the UK and the Netherlands, so I’m not quite so sure of what to make of it.

G'day, Gwallan. I'm sure Kyle will help with your new cyberstalking job.
gwallan in reply to old joe
Agree re Australia.
Trawled around after reading Paul’s piece and found a “SCUM Radical Feminist Conference” had been held in Perth only a few months ago. Seems we have our own lunatics over here.
Added to my upcoming agenda will be efforts to learn more about quite a few individuals. Activities I engage in at a local level significantly enhance the likelihood of my actually meeting some of these extremists.

Women women everywhere...and they all look just like your ex-wife to you, Doc.
Rper1959 in reply to Kyle Lovett
Thanks Kyle, and gidday from down under ,
you state “Many of the other identities saying the most offensive and damning stuff are from Australia, the UK and the Netherlands, so I’m not quite so sure of what to make of it.”
If you could direct me to any sites or Australian persons involved in propagating this material, I would appreciate it, and may be able to take action here. At least I can complain to the site admins and advise our sex discrimination commission.
Our racial discriminations laws (which are similar to sex discrimination laws) were recently tested in the high court with a Journalist charged for racism for implying in published articles some aboriginal identified people who appear fair skinned, used there “aboriginallity” for personal gain.
If that sort of thing leads to a conviction, this blatent male hate should secure at least the same result for any australian citizen guilty of it.
you can email me at

Good old Kyle, earnestly hurting women to the best of his ability. And calling himself a buddhist, no kidding!
Kyle Lovett in reply to Rper1959
Thanks, and I sure will, but I don’t know anything other than where they are from. Here are a few screenshots that a user on Reddit’s MR sub took of their private forum.
“The society for cutting up men”…..WTF
It’s not like these folks aren’t organized, which is the most disturbing thing. I believe the Reddit user who got on that forum said that the last Radfem conference was held in this past September in Australia, Perth I think…but could be wrong about the city.
and one for shits and giggles.

I hope nobody like you, TM.
tm in reply to Rper1959
Re: Kyle Lovett’s reply below:
‘and one for shits and giggles.‘
It’s mind boggling that these insane bitches are married. Who the fcuk are their husbands?

Let's get the persecution back on it! Women hate it when we take their kids!
Alek Novy
If it turns out she has children, she should also be reported to CPS.

You work? Besides, I have no murderous intent. I just want men to stop persecuting, intimidating, and cyberstalking women.
Lee Quarry in reply to Alek Novy
Yes, I think she should be reported to CPS. (Here in England I would assume that our Social Services would be the equivalent of CPS.)
However I doubt that conclusive evidence of murderous intent will cut much ice with CPS or social services if it is expressed by a woman.
I deal with shit like this every day of my working life.

Sorry, Gonzo, but it was lame. Not that I read it, I didn't.
I wrote a 2500+ word open letter in reply. Having read, and being a personal fan and lover of dangerous ideologies, on a scale of 1-10 hers is a 3. She’ll never be taken seriously. If you’re going to be an edgy radical, at least be edgy and radical, right?
You can read it yourselves from the source:

Maybe I was hasty...great typography.
Alek Novy in reply to GonzoJournal
Off topic, but I love the typography on your site.

Hello, Rogue, Nice to meet you.
This is folly gentlemen. I got no problem with takin the fight to these bigots and no qualms with as the means of doing so. But I do see a big ethical difference between posting personal info that a given individual has chosen to place in the public sphere and soliciting for personal info that an individual has chosen to keep private. Please don’t take this as a lack of appreciation for the depravity of the article, or a slide into a “tone” argument. I just think an instrument like has to be engaged with some strict ethical boundaries. And this seems counter to the boundaries established by Paul, as I’ve read and understood them.

Old joe, your dentures must be a-clackin wrong. It's you creepy men on this site trying to get me killed. That's the actual situation.
old joe in reply to rogue4
come on man. What boundaries can coexist with genocide? She’s trying to get you killed and you’re worrying about privacy? Understand the situation!

It's already past anything legal, Scat. Way past that.
scatmaster in reply to rogue4
I do believe that you have been presumptuous in assuming that with the information Mr Lovett has provided to Paul we will shortly all be headed to our neighborhood feed and seed to buy pitchforks and torches. In Dr E’s and JTO’s capable hands I am sure an appropriate and law abiding response is forthcoming. One however that will extremely uncomfortable for the person involved.

Thanks, Rogue. I guess you didn't like the letter I received either.
rogue4 in reply to scatmaster
Kindly presume no ill presumptions on my part friendo. I didn’t make my comment out of the slightest ounce of concern for anyone in this community doing something “extreme”. And unless your name is actually “scatmaster” than you can appreciate my point to some degree. A justifiably small degree of course, sense your not a genocidal bigot. I get it. But I still can’t quite get there on the ends justifyin the means with this.

I didn't call for gendercide, Alek. Anywhere. I don't like to hurt people, unlike the creepy men assembled here.
Alek Novy in reply to rogue4
When you’re calling for genocide you do not get to decide your privacy preferences, nor will they be respected.
Edit: Nevermind, oldjoe said the exact same thing…

"A disease that must be extirpated"? I don't like being threatened, Paul. Not at all.
Paul Elam in reply to rogue4
The boundaries we established are that RHC will be respected and the site will not be used to disseminate personal information. We will respect that…at RHC. But not at AVfM.
I cannot believe that anyone could read that and come away with the idea that we need to protect the privacy of personal information on individuals that are aggressively forming a coalition with the intent to inflict grievous harm on half the population,
We are going to put her information here, over and over again, till every person in this disgusting woman’s life is aware of who she is, including family, employers and members of her community.
She is a disease that must be extirpated.

Oops, the horse seems to have run away with Scat...
scatmaster in reply to Paul Elam
Lead on sir!!!!! Lead on!!!!!

Doc Canning is all ready to hurt people, Paul, let's get rolling!
Rper1959 in reply to Paul Elam
keyboard is at the ready , Bring it on.

Try inputting, "I will not engage in a criminal conspiracy involving cyberstalking, criminal intimidation, slander, and whatever else Elam dreams up."
scatmaster in reply to Rper1959
Mine as well.

Crack those knuckles! 
KARMA MRA MGTOW in reply to Paul Elam

Face it, Eoghan, you creepy men don't care who she is, you just need to hurt somebody.
If she is not a professional feminist, one of the commentators might well be …

Hi, old Joe. But wait! Good grief! Is this the monster you seek?! A Harvard Lawyer?
old joe
ok, this has to be her.
Whittier schools – yes
Civil Rights investigator after college (in san francisco) – yes
lawyer – yes
poetry – yes
marriage, motherhood, divorce – yes
tiptree2 says in a comment on the radfemhub occupy wall street article that she followed a link posted by another commenter and left 2 comments. I followed the link and a loopy feminist going by the name pamosh has made about 50 comments. She says she’s a lawyer (harvard law she claims) in one of them. I google pamosh feminist. The top of the list is “2011 O’Shaughnessy: The Book of Tender Virtuosity.” The name is familiar – it came up in a search for vliet’s poetry. Google “monsta tentacles” and you get both vlietfeministpoetry and collectedpoemspamelaoshaughnessy results on the first page. Pamela’s wikipedia page says she went to harvard law.

Wow, she's a NYT best seller writer? That must really make Dave envious. Wonder if she'll write about cyberstalking and creepy men next.
Rper1959 in reply to old joe
So she’s a “new york times best selling author.”
no doubt the NYT and her publisher will be interested in her “final resolution”

Scat's no fool.
scatmaster in reply to Rper1959
They will probably revel in it.

And they will, Kyle, right back to you.
Kyle Lovett in reply to old joe
Funny how things loop back like that if you dig around long enough, eh?

She's famous too? Shit!
old joe in reply to Kyle Lovett
yeah, it was bugging me so I got back up to try to figure it out so I could sleep. The key is the comment where she says she commented on the other commenter’s link. It was pretty easy after that.
I didn’t think it’d be possible to nail her down but I didn’t figure on her being somewhat famous and having so much personal information on the web. At this point I’d be surprised if she isn’t who we’re looking for.

I actually think she seems pretty cool. But no, better bash her brains in on general principles.
Kyle Lovett in reply to old joe
Kind of funny that she writes mystery novels and thinks men are pretty stupid, but us stupid men were able to solve the mystery of who she was.
Also glad that someone else was able to verify this information. You found some info I didn’t, which is even more damning. Nice work!
PS: There is a Youtube video of them out there.

Better be nimble with people trying to protect their privacy, Joe. Hunt down that poetry-spoutin', scifi-writin', best-seller-writin' Harvard lawyer! She's out to get you, Paul sez so!
old joe in reply to old joe
the above linked bio is down for maintenance!!!
They’re on the run. I saved the text already and some others probably did as well, so they got it down just about 24 hours past the nick of time. Bummer.

Hmm...she's even good-looking! How's her poetry? 
old joe in reply to old joe
What am I saying, it’ll be available from the google cache for a while.'shaghnessy+bio&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

I say contact them now. Get her fired. Don't wait. Damn retiree! But wait...big job and writes best-sellers too?
I see that there is a [name redacted] listed as Interim Director of AARP Grassroots and Elections for AARP International. I don’t think AARP would want somebody as radical as vliet tiptree in such a position. If I contact AARP now, can we show that [redacted] is really Vliet tiptree, or would she just be tipped off that she is suspect and start trying to hide the evidence? Would it be best to contact AARP now, or wait until we have more evidence?

Why bother? Any woman will do. 
scatmaster in reply to BertieW
I would wait for Paul and JTO’s direction in this case.
Just my opinion however. I think one would want one hundred percent confirmation.

The perfect co-conspirator...
BertieW in reply to scatmaster
I agree.

Now wait, the poet lady didn't look all that tumorous to me. Aren't you actually thinking about that multitude of ex-wives you don't like, Paul?
Paul Elam in reply to BertieW
Of course you are welcome to do as you like, but please allow me to ask you to consider holding off just a few days. I think by all of us working together we can have a much greater impact on these organization, and on the tumor we must cut out.
Within 72 hours a detailed summary of findings and plan of action will be posted here.
Thanks to everyone who rolled up their sleeves on this one.

Why not run her down in a car like on TV? After all, she wrote something you didn't like. Wait...sic some deranged creepy obsessive on her...slander her to her neighbors...oh, the joy of it all! Did everybody get off?
BertieW in reply to Paul Elam
Will comply , Paul. I definately want to see the maximum possible impact!

No, we have no idea, TM. After all, you're writing this on your public site, we'll never guess...
tm in reply to Paul Elam
Probably all the relevant information has already been saved. And hopefully they haven’t found out yet that their dangerous extremism will be exposed.

(bowing and scraping noises)
Fr Bob
Just say the word Paul and I will do all that I can.

Me too, Father Bob. Didn't want you creepy men deleting any of this evidence. 
Fr Bob
I don’t know if this is just a little over the top but I have saved the complete content of the blog the artical and the complete comments left there. Just in case something happens to the material and we are not able to find it. But I am so moved with this that I didn’t want to loose it and I didn’t want to take the chance that someone else may not of saved the material so I took it upon myself to do so, not only the url but the material itself.

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