UPDATES -- 2015: Andrea Darrel Hardie, aka Judgybitch, aka Janet Bloomfield

Update January 18, 2015

There's a new potential cyberstalking threat on A Voice for Men, posted by Paul Elam on January 16, 2015 and in subsequent articles. The first title is "Interdisciplinary Shaming Dept. - Part 1". Here is a Do Not Link access to the article. Elam makes the usual threat to investigate, and publish information about various people, in this case, university officials at Kennesaw State University, based on the usual pretexts. The tone is intimidatory:

"I intend to name each and every one of the Sage’s abusers, provide their imagery and describe their behavior in dedicated articles. I may even cite their publications and qualifications to see if their reputation for peace, diversity and equality match their conduct. Other articles will also be produced to elaborate on case details where necessary. Oh, and you might want to remember. Internet search queries are forever. So is our resolve to lay waste to corrupt scumbags...Enough delay. First in line for a public spanking is [redacted name, title, and location information]. Mr. Esmay, my paddle, please. We’re going to be here for a while."

In the second article, Elam threatens as follows:

"2015 will be a year where we shine a light on many corrupt acadamicians. [Redacted] is just the first. We have people working on securing her image. Meantime, $100.00 to the first person who gets us a clear image of her which we can verify. Something large and clear enough to be used as a feature image is preferred."

In a third article, Elam threatens

"[Redacted], if I find out that there was a link between your report and Brian Clyne’s own vendetta that endangered Sage, I swear that you will never work in peace again. I will follow your activities and call out every lie that threatens the livelihood of decent men, until people stop citing your publications and you tearfully watch your degree gather dust in the closet. I have the resources and the connections to make that happen, and I will use them if you so much as tell one more goddamn lie about a man you don’t know. Covering your ass will only make me work harder to expose your sins."

Offering a bounty to obtain a private photo of a person one is attempting to intimidate and prevent from carrying out one's official duties, could well be an offer to engage in a conspiracy, which would be accepted by anyone providing such information.

I would like to suggest that any people actually cyberstalked by AVFM cyberstalkers simply google the threateners and their supporters and publish their real names. You need to know who they are and where they live to find out how easy it may be to get to you. In this way you can ascertain who is attacking you and assess their level of threat, as any victim should do in self-defense, as well as provide a service to the next victim of AVFM cyberstalking.

I will list the real identities of selected AVFM commenters on this article as time permits as an example, if and when cyberstalking occurs. AVFM commenters may then reflect on the fact that, as Paul Elam says, "internet search queries are forever." Sage Gerard appears to have provided information to AVFM and requested assistance and appears to support these potential actions. He was posting A Voice for Men stickers at the time the events occurred which led to the current threats, he is a staffer at A Voice for Men, and he is partially funded by A Voice for Men.

In the spirit of proportionate response, whatever personal information is published about Kennesaw University officials by AVFM agents may be mirrored in the information published here, including personal photographs of cyberstalkers and their associates.

Here are the online names of some of the AVFM commenters on the first threatening posting to date:

Janet Bloomfield

Tara Palmatier
Prentice Reid
Patrick D Sandro
Dan Slezak
andrejovich Dietrich
Mere Indevisual
Bora Bosna
Jack Barnes
Rev Spinnaker
Isaac T. Quill
Mike Brentnall
Paul Johnson
Mark Wharton
Expat Matt
John D
Bruce Raymond
silver orland
Malcolm H. Johnston
David Sutton
UPDATE January 22, 2015

I previously listed the pseudonymous names of some commenters on the A Voice for Men article which offered a bounty to submit private information on a university official, to allow them the opportunity to not carry out further activities in this matter. I said, "I will list the real identities of selected AVFM commenters on this article as time permits as an example, if and when cyberstalking occurs."

Even so, the site continues its activities. The site's members hide under white hoods while conducting their activities. The Kennesaw State University official under attack by AVFM needs to be able to assess the level of threat against her. 

Therefore I will do as I said. 

1. ANDREA DARREL HARDIE is "Judgybitch" aka "Janet Bloomfield".

Andrea Hardie of Thunder Bay, Ontario, works for the U.S. blog site A Voice for Men, cited for its harmful activities by a civil rights organization which works with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation: (http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2012/spring/a-war-on-women and http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2012/spring/misogyny-the-sites)

She hides her real name and calls herself "Judgybitch" and "Janet Bloomfield". She also uses the name "Andrea Darrel".

Her husband is Timothy Hardie, Associate Professor of Management and Organizational Theory at the Faculty of Business Administration, Lakehead University (Thunder Bay, Ontario campus). Andrea Hardie has stated on her blog, Judgybitch.com, that she has her husband's full support for her activities, as well as the support of his Department Head at Lakehead University. Her husband has with his approval been quoted on the hate site. Her hometown newspaper, The Thunder Bay News, does not appear to be aware of their activities.

On January 21, 2015, Andrea Hardie accepted the offer of a $100 cyberstalking bounty posted by the hate site A Voice for Men by publishing private photos and information about a university official and her friends at Kennesaw State University, on her Judgybitch.com blog. She described the official's height, weight, and hair color, published a photo of a woman she said was the official, asked her readers to send her more pictures, discussed personal events in the official's past, called her "potentially dangerous", questioned her sanity, and in general provided her readers with all the information she could find. 

Andrea Hardie is a spokesperson and active promoter of doxxing for A Voice for Men, as well as the "Director of Social Media" for the site. She has affirmed on video that she, acting in concert with the site, has a policy and practice of doxxing people: "Yes, we dox people." See her statement at about 2:00 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znVgGkkTnGE

A Voice for Men had previously publicized the identity of the KSU official and put up the bounty for her photograph as already mentioned. AVFM's motive appears to be retaliation for the official's filing of a complaint with her university regarding the on-campus activities of another A Voice for Men agent, Sage Gerard, aka "Victor Zen". 
The retaliation by AVFM has arguably been much more severe than his original conduct, which did not result in any punishment. The attention Mr. Gerard and AVFM will now receive may well be on a completely different level.  http://www.mbbp.com/resources/employment/retaliation_claims.html  

Ms. Hardie writes online under the aliases "Judgybitch" and "Janet Bloomfield". She has been repeatedly removed from social media sites for, in the case of Twitter, "targeted abuse" of others. Here is an example of her abusive blog writing: http://judgybitch.com/2013/03/18/why-dont-we-have-a-dumb-fucking-whore-registry-now-that-would-be-justice/  In that post she said of the rape victim: "Comparing a stupid, drunk, helmet-chasing whore who gets fingered while passed out to an actual rape victim is completely and utterly absurd."

Here is another post which Andrea Hardie ends with "Gag the bitches" and a picture of a woman with her mouth duct-taped shut: http://judgybitch.com/2014/11/21/lets-talk-about-bill-cosby/ 

Here is some more of Andrea Hardie:  "It’s feminist bitches who seem to think the world owes them permanent obsequiousness and obedience. Remember this pathetic attention whore? Tweeting out her butthurt over a Dongle joke that wasn’t even addressed to her? "


Here is Andrea Hardie admitting publishing defamatory lies about a prominent feminist, Jessica Valenti: "So when Jess posted that picture, I needed to goad her into replying to me directly so I wouldn’t violate Twitter’s spamming rules. I used Poe’s Law to attribute a few false but utterly plausible quotes to her, and sure enough, she replied." http://judgybitch.com/2014/08/02/jessica-valenti-is-not-having-a-good-day/

Hardie's real name was partially revealed by Paul Elam and a former editor at AVFM, John Hembling in the course of infighting. John Hembling dropped the name in a YouTube video.  Paul Elam in turn highlighted that Hembling had done so and brought attention to it in another YouTube video targeting Mr. Hembling. Hardie's identity, as usual with women involved on anti-women sites, was not protected when it came down to two men scoring points against each other.

As Andrea Hardie has, for money and in the apparent context of cyberstalking activity, published extensive personal information regarding the official on January 21, 2015 on her blog Judgybitch.com, including personal photographs and information regarding her victim's friends, I reserve the option to do the same: that is, to publish any and all available public information, including photos, of similar friends and associates of Ms. Hardie, mirroring what Ms. Hardie has done to her victim. It remains to be determined whether Ms. Hardie has received some of her information from non-public sources.

In deference to her children I have removed Ms. Hardies' public family portrait which I originally posted from Google Images. She was proud to post it when no one knew her real name, but no one could be proud to see their family connected with what she does when she puts on her white hood.  Anyone can confirm who she is by googling images for "Andrea Hardie".

"For here, in yet another guise, is the all too familiar token torturer, the woman who often unwittingly pleases her masters by selling out her own kind. She increases their pleasure by performing the acts which are less than gentlemanly, thus obscuring their role. She masks male responsibility and intent...As she turns her tricks in all the prescribed positions she does not perceive the meaning of this male approval, but only the fact that it is approval, the flattering mirror upon which her identity depends."
Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology, Beacon Press, 1990 ed., p. 335

Please note:  None of the opinions I express are meant to be legal advice. I am currently inactive as an attorney.