Saturday, June 27, 2015

PART TWO: The Vliet Tiptree Cyberstalking Case

(NOTE FROM VLIET TIPTREE: I have now posted Part One of my Case Study of A Voice for Creepy Men on this blog, and the news has hit the creepy men. Now they know I am copying and commenting on whatever they say.)

Vliet: Greg ("Ticked Doc") Canning discovers we have a problem, Houston...and loses control of his apostrophe...

Up for a challenge lad’s? Latest addition to the radfem post:
“karmarad [Hi! It's me, Vliet]
November 7, 2011 at 6:59 am: Hi, sisters, after this guest essay was posted I was targeted for some evil doings by some male doofuses. I decided to bark back. I won’t go into any detail because there’s a lot of MRA talk I had to quote and so on in this takedown, but for those of you willing to expose yourselves to a little of that, check out, my new blog. Hope to write another essay soon; it’s been fun. Take care, Vliet”  which leads to “Paul Elam, Kyle Lovett, and A Voice For Creepy Men”

Grey Knight is sitting on his ratty couch watching sports in an old robe, his unlaced combat boots still on from 40 years ago, when the unsettling news comes in. He's still proud of his stalking. He doesn't understand that he's creepy and can't spell.
Grey Knight in reply to Rper1959
Oh no! I’m shaking in my combat boots. Well, so be it. No better chance for moral and logical shakedown that will transpire if they grace us with their presense. Oh, and they’re creeped out that I know how to search public records. HAH! Ok I had a slight bout of vanity. Sorry.

Hi, Scatmaster, I'd be over visiting you right now, except Paul blocks people he's right to be afraid of.
No better chance for moral and logical shakedown that will transpire if they grace us with their presense.
Them, show up here????? Not a chance or if they did it would be to troll and run.

I didn't notice Paul trying to have discourse, Grey...he's only an unpaid Director of Student Affairs of Fuck the Sluts Up, you's hard to form real sentences....he can only threaten and try to hurt people....
Grey Knight in reply to scatmaster 
You’re right. I expect too much with having some kind of discourse with our psychotic opponents – especially in here. Hard to argue an amoral point for them, so why bother.

Doc Canning's suddenly choosing his words more carefully, I notice...
on her blog which does not allow comment posting , she has made some reactionary snide remarks about most of the posts in this thread, but failed to address the misandry and conspiracy to murder or genetically engineer male humans simply for the fact that they are male, as proposed in her article, and overwhelming supported by the comments to her post. Of course reactionary threats are the typical feminist ploy when there is no possibility of valid counter argument. I hope the hate and sex discrimination laws in the US are similar to ours in AU , good material for a class action, against this women’s illegal actions in propagating gender based hatred. She has the right to post in a publicly accessible forum ,( she could have posted her hatred to a private blog and no one would be the wiser) she now has the responsibility to bear the consequences for her public words.

Kimski's suddenly trying to justify his cyberstalking but still repeating an apparent libel...
I’ve just been through the whole she-bang, and first of all she’s backpedalling like crazy, denying she wrote any of it. In fact she claims it to be written by a man trying to make feminists look bad, which I personally don’t think anyone can do better than they already do it themselves.
Secondly she’s called her lawyer and the police, and thirdly she has gotten into her twisted mind, that we’re cast from the same mold as her, and..-wait for it..-wants to kill her.
-Really. The fact that we’re writing this from all over the globe seems to have went -whoosh! -over her head, and I would like to know what kind of jurisdiction she thinks the US police has in countries in Europe, Asia and down under. Should you be reading this, “Vliet”, I’ll spell it out for you: N-O-N-E ! But a lot of dealing out victimcards, rationalization, and shaming language is all it amounts to. Nothing new, in other words.The only thing that really puzzles me is how she justifies her twisting it around to her being the innocent victim of cyberstalking, conspiracy-minded, creepy men after writing an article that advocates the annihilation of all men.

Unbelievably well-trained hamster in action here..-Well worth a gold medal in the next olympics for female rationalization ad.lib. But unfortunately she’ll have to settle with an entry on among the other bigots.-And congratulations with it.

Scat is choosing his epithets much more carefully now. The creepy men are straightening up. No more slut, whore, cunt, bitch, shitheel, etc like yesterday when it was still possible not to think of me as a human. But wait. No, still not human.
scatmaster in reply to Kimski
You are a better person than I am Kimski. I as well “lost my pizza” after about two minutes of reading its drivel. Nothing new there.

Hamster. Hamster. Hamster.

This hamster has big sharp teeth, Kimski.
Kimski in reply to scatmaster The fact that she’s backpedalling at lightspeed doesn’t exactly lend credibility to her statement that someone else wrote it, from my point of view, Scatmaster.
-And a better person?? -Hardly.. :)I just like to see what they come up with, when they let the hamster out of the cage. It’s the most amazing, mind-boggling stuff most of the time. I wish they would use that creativity to actually invent something for once.

Why don't you just give it a rest, Kimski? Aren't you tired of all this hate you are directing at a total stranger from your site?
Kimski in reply to Kimski This is an answer to one of the comments, which is another reason that I don’t belive her futher than I could throw her:“Just dropping in to say how much I appreciate these comments, which galvanize my thinking.”

Nigel, you're on a hate site that is actively involved in a conspiracy.  Why don't you talk to Paul about taking everything connected in any way with me down immediately? Are you sure FTSU doesn't really mean to Paul, "Fuck the Stooges Up?" He's surrounding himself with creepy men like you so when the shit hits the fan he can share the pain. Do you really want to stooge for him on this conspiracy?
nigeles175d in reply to Kimski
The real problem is that a woman’s word and allegation recently brought down powerful men like Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Julian Assange. A woman’s false allegation still has enormous destructive power in the hands of male women-firsters. Even when found not guilty, the time, effort and expense involved can drive a man to ruin without recourse to the aid and assistance offered to women as a result of taxing men.

Thanks for the tip, Rad. Actually, it's James Huff. He does talk like a girl, but he smells funny. That's the giveaway.
I love how Paul is a member of that blog:
All casual-like: “Hey, what’s goin’ on in here?”.

Scat, your blog does not allow posting either, except from stooges. Why is that? Nobody's threatening you, unlike the situation you have put me in.
on her blog which does not allow comment posting , she has made some reactionary snide remarks about most of the posts in this thread, but failed to address the misandry and conspiracy to murder or genetically engineer male humans simply for the fact that they are male
Did you expect anything less? Same old, same old. 

Time to take down the attack materials and move on, the letter didn't work, the neighbors are notified, the orders are due today, the cops are watching. Stop stalking me, invading my privacy, intimidating and threatening me. That's a formal legal advisement to the site you're on and its owners.
Your right of course, as my son would say to me “no shit Captain Obvious” expect rational debate from a rad fem, yep , must of been dreaming.

Thanks for spreading the word, Tim, Quite a smirk you've got there. 
Tim Legere 
An e-mail to Barbara Kay.
Dear Ms. Kay,
The following is a link to a Radical Feminist site. this approach sound familiar to anyone from history?
Tim Legere

Hi, Paul, you old imam. Howzit?
Paul Elam
Nothing she can do will help her now. It’s too late for forgiveness, or mercy.
The grinding wheels are in motion.

You continue to cyberstalk me, Kyle. You said it would be a good idea to write my employers. That could well be a tort called interference with advantageous business relations, Kyle. You turned over information I had kept private by using a pseudonym and privatizing my blogs, to a man you knew was committing torts against me. Now that's actionable. I'll reconsider if the post about me and all comments at your site are taken down immediately. I suggest you have a talk with Paul about how far he plans to go, because you and everyone else are involved as co-conspirators at the moment. BTW, for a guy who works in Intelligence, you really ought to learn how to spell it. Jeez! And don't put all that shit up on your LinkedIn site and use your real name, that would really help. Just a tip. And man, calling yourself Qanan afterwards and claiming you were, you ever heard of Freud and projection? Wow!

So Paul kept the money he tricked his sad little stooge into giving him for the bounty on me...does he report these donations to the IRS? Just askin'...

Nobody cyberstalked her, she has her handle connected to other handles in so many places it is silly. Intellegence software, OMFG are you high? Since when was ‘Google’ intellegence software. She published personal and employment information about me, I only confirmed what another user had found. I don’t have her real email address and a few others found out this information as well. I’m just a target since I put my name out there. Now who is cyberstalking who?
Oh, and I told Paul I could care less about the money, told him to keep it. Wow, I really hope she reconsiders what she wrote about me.
I never published anything about her, so she best re-think these alligations along with the personal information.

Hi, Agent Orangina. Look at all this excusing you're doing for your stalking. Isn't that cowardly? How's Mom? 
James Huff
It’s a moot point if it those who found her real identity show how they connected all the dots. It’s not hacking in any case…or using any kind of special software. It was very simple investigative work. Of course, any competent skip tracer is trained to find this type of information online without having to resort to any kind of undercover work. She put herself out there, and left all the traces pointing back to her real identity.

Hi, Ant, you poor stooge. Sorry you lost your job. Shouldn't you use the last money in your checking account for food and shelter, rather than turning it over for Paul Elam to further his sadistic woman-hating? Let's see, public solicitation of money for Paul...really, I must ask again, is he telling the IRS about all this funding he gets? Is he perhaps not a 501(c)(3) non-profit, but actually just a very angry person who is the quintessential aggressive hostile out-of-control male that my essay criticized? How much is he making a year off you guys?
Paul landed a much bigger fish than any of us could ever have imagined. This woman is a prominent public figure and a New York times best selling feminist author. Congratulations to the men of AVfM for the investigative work that exposed this corrupt woman and her “final solution” agenda for the elimination of all boys and men.
However, it does not end here. When I put myself in Paul’s shoes, I feel enthusiasm … but also fear. Vilet Tiptree is a well connected public figure. She has enormous political, financial, and institutional support. Certainly, it is time to expose her agenda of hate. However, Vilet is powerful and influential. She will not go down without a fight.
And that brings up the real issue. The law is more about money and power, than it is about justice and evidence. Morally and legally, Vilet has nothing to stand on. But she draws upon a vast arsenal of power, money, and influence. She will call on all of her corrupt friends in high places. This will be a tough fight.
It will also be an expensive fight.

>>> Men of the MRM: It is time for sacrifice <<<

For the next 24 hours, I will match any contribution to AVfM, up to $2172 (the balance in my checking account).
DOE sent out pink slips two weeks ago (effective March of the year to come), and my name was on the list. I know what it means to be afraid. This woman's institutional and legal intimidation cannot stop us. At some point, when the humiliation and dehumanization becomes intolerable, men scream "cry havoc!" and face their tormentors. That time is now.
"They sowed the wind, now let them reap the whirlwind."

Maybe we can have a civilized discussion about my thought-crimes, Father Bob, after you all get out of jail.
Fr Bob
I guess I will be getting a letter from her lawyer now for wanting to expose her bigoted hatred of men. She has done nothing to men so she would say. I don`t know where anyone thinking that men should be genetically altered to contain male agression, could not think that this is completely immoral and wrong.
What if we just replaced that with there should be something done to genetically altered women to be more servile or to contain womens aggression because as gov statistics have shown women commit just as much domestic violence and they are more likely to hurt or kill children. wow she would be out marching in the streets beating her chest screeming about how wrong that it was. And you know I would be there right along side her beating my chest until it bleeds crying about how wrong that would be. So why is it ok for her to think that genetic alteraltion is the answer here for men and that it would be ok. She has gone through our posts here and thats fine but she has said wow I have not done anything to you (who ever) but yet promotes genetic alteration according to the artical so that would be against every…, oh what half the population of the world.

(Vliet Tiptree): “My own personal vision is that women will cure the sickness that ails men and that men will stay around, hunkered in their man-caves playing the ukelele, leaving us in peace at last. As to what that cure may be, my best bet is that what’s wrong with men is that their androgens need genetic modification. I’m serious about this. If we can do it with corn, men ought to be easy.”

Now I'm "honey". I see that Paul has instructed everybody not to call me a bitch or a slut or a cunt today except under your breath. I don't know you, ZenCo., so don't call me anything but Ms. Tiptree. You're going to "march forward on a road of my bones"? You're quite the threatener. See you in court.
We’re coming for you honey. Rest assured that every employer, colleague, family member, and associate of yours with access to the internet will know who, and most importantly, WHAT you are.
If you have minor children then those authorities will also find out. Game over for you. You are truly the most vile filth imaginable.
We will march forward on a road of your bones to victory – i.e. the truth.
Also know that if you lived 100 times over you still wouldn’t be smart enough to deal with the (mostly) men here. Ain’t equality a bitch?

Well, what is she? A poet? A retiree bureaucrat? A cat trainer? A professor? Maybe she's just a person like you, Justicer, who doesn't like violence.
Thanks for bringing Mizz Vliet’s offenses to the attention of the sane world. I’ve done my best to circulate this filth & to expose it to the light. Possibly, I disagree on tactics– I don’t think the hunt for her true identity should be private, as you suggest; that appears a bit like vigilantism and can be used against the men’s movement. In these circumstances, men are victims of Mizz Vliet and Mizz Vliet is the agressor. That’s an excellent light to stand in. I’d favor outing her blog to mainstream media; letting a reporter or columnist pursue her identity; and calling for police to investigate. By the way, she’s almost certainly a tenured radical at some department of Womyns Studies — the verbiage is too practiced to be casual. Good luck to us all.

Perp? The Perp of Free has a ring to it...the threat letter  is quoted just as it was sent, justicer. And there's another one. Is this guy who even hates Irish people really worth the risk you take, Justicer?
Just read a bit more of the posts above. Have we actually named our Perp? Is the name real or is it designed to embarrass people of Irish decent? that was a joke..
I’d hope the blogmaster will announce this more formally.

No, that's your first reaction, Eoghan, you're all mixed up...
I like how their first reaction is always to prove that false accusations are commonly used against men.

Must be a conspiracy!
A lot of her published work on the internet is disappearing. She has posted her poetry at and this has appeared:
Forum rules
This forum will be removed from the Critical Poet on 11/11/11. Please save your work. For questions, please send a private messge to one of the forum moderators.
It is good that people had the foresight to capture evidence before revealing information publicly on these forums. But then there are all the internet archives 

A Voice of Sanity suddenly pops up...a scifi fan...
You guys are being played.

She has you all in a tar baby. Jack Elam was funny as hell, and smart as hell, but he was Jack Elam.

Beat her to the punch man, or she’s got you. Just being honest with you not trying to be a dick.

And I hate all political hacks equally. I don’t believe in begging your oppressors to oppress you less. I’m a Hans Herman Hoppe type of guy.

You might want to read some of Alice Sheldon’s scifi, and the spinoff authors that followed. It’s one of their playbooks.

Also, I can’t see the ethical solution for the reward. Something isn’t sitting right. I’m gonna go with rogue4.

Look, I love the website, I love that it exposes these harpies, and I have no delusions that both men and women are equally capable of evil. This Vliet has the ultimate fallback. It is all SCIENCE FICTION, and LITERARY LICENSE. It is billed as such.

She is not a fool, she is well covered, you might even say well experienced. Don’t shoot the wad, you have credibility, maintain it. She is playing chicken now, may I suggest you publish what she already has simultaneously with what you post about her? It would be a good move.

That’s my .02. And that’s probably what it’s worth.

BTW: The only reason I decided to post was because of the name tiptree coming up. I’m quite familiar with Alice Sheldon’s literature, and I’m watching it play out.

This tiptree is not the chicago housewife.

And one last thing. The letter of the law will be followed, the spirit of the law will be ignored. The letter is on her side, the spirit is on yours.

Damn, don’t crash man. I know where you’re coming from. I’ve been in those counseling sessions as the adult child of an alcoholic. (mother) Don’t give them ammo please.

Now Paul Elam himself backpedals like a unicyclist at Ringling Bros. 
Paul Elam in reply to migu
Honestly, you are making a lot of assumptions. I never imagined she was doing anything illegal. Yes, the letter AND the spirit of the law is on her side.

It is on ours as well.

But what is not on her side is sunlight. My name is already out there. All my activities are documented public record. I even continue to allow comments on these activism threads so that most every step of the process is public record.

The fact is that I have nothing to hide. And the fact is that she does.

I am prepared to pay a lot for what I do. She isn’t.

Also, parts of your post need clarification.

Love Asimov, Migu. And Alice Sheldon (aka Tiptree Jr.), once again, is a great writer.
Oh for the fans.

Hari Seldon of Foundation fame would be what Mr. Asimov thought of Alice Sheldon.

If you’re gonna go after her, understand her.

Don't forget I posted under a pseudonym and keep my real name private, Nigel. lol sounds like you should buy some books.
Nobody has to go after her migu. She posted something to an internet forum and it just might be that JtO and PE think the rest of the world ought to see it too. Actually, she’s invaded our privacy over here with her acts of malice, I’m clear that she has made a breach of promise to the bar, and I move to strike that she is unfit to practice. She is over all corners of the internet with her feminist hatred of men.

Laugh break! O how could I be so discourteous, considering the charming gentlemen in the room?
And if she thinks she has done nothing wrong, why has she retaliated in such an immature manner, unfit for her profession? She should know it threatens the credibility of both her professions.

It's "harridan", Justicer. 
Migu, I will give you the ben. of the doubt. You may be sincere. However, you’re also dead wrong.
especially this: “It is all SCIENCE FICTION…you’ve been played…”
1. This is like the 5-year-old, caught in the act, saying “But Mommie I was only joking!” Sorry, we’ve heard that excuse before.
2. I looked at the entire blog page. It’s a political manifesto, not a skit or joke or parody. It is posted on behalf of some sort of “movement,” implying that it is part of a group discussion.
3. There isn’t a trace of context to the page that allows you to suggest that the page itself is “fiction.” Not a trace. Therefore, the page is to be taken at face value.
4. I have read, and listened in on, feminist ideologue-talk for 25 years. Ms Vliet’s screed is entirely within the bounds of that chatter, and they never were joking.
5. There _are_ traces of misandric “science-fiction writing” inside the haridan’s rant. So what!! That’s nothing but the haridan’s own culture. If Hitler had quoted German poets, that would not make Mein Kampf a parody of a speculative fiction. You’re the one who has been ‘led’ into allowing this hate literature to stand.

Migu is getting cold feet...
I may be wrong, but I’m not trying to fit in.

I’m just calling what I see. And in the end I hope I’m wrong.

Yes, who is this whack-a-doodle Paul Elam? Where does his money come from? Does he report it? Does he account for the donations from stooges like poor AntZ? Does he pay alimony with it? Does his landlord know about his home business?Maybe he runs a sugardaddy dating site or something as well? How come he lets people call him "Dr. Elam?" What is this site, Animal Farm?
My assumptions come from recognizing tiptree. I love this site, its one of my top four. I’ve known Elam was pseudonym for a long time. I don’t really care, but I know that there are folks who think that Paul Elam is the name on the birth certificate.

I’m just trying to see three moves ahead. And that is what I’m seeing. It looks like black has mounted an effective Sicilian defense.

I don’t want to see you sink, I know what I posted was unpopular, but hopefully it helped. I’ve made my way in life by saying “Wait a second check this out”

And for the record, I have no beef with AVfM and all the other stuff that is yours. I’m just trying to say this could be an international incident, and my intention is to stack your deck not hers.

And I’ll respecfully disagree on the spirit and letter of the law. The spirit of the law is in the ghostbuster’s vault at this moment. Only the letter matters. Sad but true.

Justicer betrays the site's bigotry toward gay and lesbian people here...let's see, women, the Irish, and lesbians...who's next?
Migu, I haven’t been able to follow your thread, re: spirit of the law. However, if you’re suggesting that no court will convict this Hitlerite-lesbo-feminist, you’re not wrong. “The Law is a false friend,” it promises much and delivers very little.
But this is politics not justice. When we demand an investigation, we put Justice on the spot. We point out that there all sorts of places in the Western World where an honest description of lesbian personality disorders will land you before a Tribunal. But, let a lesbian [assumption by me] self-described author call for the death of males, and Oh, that’s too vague for us to prosecute, and besides, how many males are afraid of her anyway?
I don’t want to see lawyers filing a civil suit; this was a public attack on all men, so a prosecutor should be asked to prosecute. But it’s in the _asking_ where we win our case, not in the expectation of jail time.

The snake's already out of the bag, Eoghan, he doesn't just seem to attack lesbians, he does attack lesbians.
Eoghan in reply to justicer
You say that you see there being a problem with a public attack on all men and in that same paragraph you seem to make a public attack on all lesbians. That’s as inconsistent as misandric feminists complaining about misogyny or the minority of woman obsessed “all women are bitches” MGTOWs that complain about misandry. I don’t see there being any profit in seeding out threads with hostility towards people on the basis of their sexual orientation, only loss.

Bye, Migu. Don't come back. 
I know what it was. I see a trap. I pointed it out. If I’m wrong great.

I won’t be commenting much, I have another refuge. I just wanted to point out a potential trap, because I’ve seen it happen before.

There are major issues here. If anyone has actually hired a P.I. you’ve been told what they are.

You’ve come into the crosshairs of some serious power. Flak, Target, you know the rest, but sometimes the AAA wins.

Be careful dammit!

As I said, hopefully it helped, because I’m on the side of AVfM, the peanut gallery excepted, aside from myself anyway.

Just so everybody understands that so long as you continue this vigilantism and keeping the reward post up with these comments, you're racking up the points...
I agree with M. that _careful_ treatment of Mizz Vliet, and of her offense, is wise.

What precisely does "bring her down" mean? I'm curious, Anthony. Who was the "housewife bigot?" Some previous victim of Paul's threat letters, Kyle's cyberstalking, and your bullshit? Please tell me her name, not your dehumanizing epithet for her. Surely you don't mean that poor mommyblogger you terrorized for not wanting to send her toddler into a bathroom with men?
My vote goes exactly the opposite.
Banzai. Charge. Bring her down. I had bouts of sympathy with the housewife bigot (not many). This woman is different. She deserves no sympathy. If evil has a face, this is it. Bring her down.

So much for doing his work in the sunshine. Elam's going to get with his most loyal stooges and figure out how to hurt me clandestinely. And close the comments too because his ass feels pretty exposed right now. That cold draft is me, Elam.
Paul Elam
With that I am going to ask for all your patience here as I close comments on this thread for the time being. We are gearing up for battle. Our legal team has been consulted, and we will be moving this thing forward in the very near future. In the meantime I respectfully request readers remain on standby as we prepare for what is inevitably ahead.


It has happened. Paul Elam has published a real name and completed an invasion of privacy right on his site, based on Kyle Lovett's stalk job! He's invaded a family's privacy as well! (I'll edit the info here because I don't want to invade their privacy.) 

So let's see what Paul has come up with! Bet it's some serious dirt...oh...hmm...aha! she has a child or children!  So, summing up all the week's cyberstalking results, accurate and otherwise,, the "viper", as Ant refers to her, this person he has identified as the real person who took the name Vliet Tiptree for privacy reasons, is a mother (if she has children, they are probably adults, of course), a well-published poet, a famous writer of many New York Times Bestsellers, a science fiction fan, and an ex-lawyer with a law degree from Harvard. I wonder if she practiced criminal law? According to Paul's thread, she has also been a Civil Rights Investigator for the Federal Government. He thinks she is Irish, too.
Now that's what I call dirt! 
My heart breaks to report that the viper has a son. From (a linked source to Vliet's real identity): “X lives in northern X, X in X. X has a son, and X is married with three children. All of their children help to keep this page up and running.”
It is hard not to grieve, as I think about the horrors that this boy must endure.

Hey, look, it's Agent Orangina again! Loved your medieval trippin' on that youtube site where you doxxed yourself and revealed...a dork!
I'll just leave Karma's statement at the very well-regarded feminist site called RadFem Hub down below...yes, the village idea, with the men courting the women nicely, the children, including the young boys, safe and the women safe...the elephant model. I like that. It's a peaceful vision. Hope you all enjoy this imaginary look at a distant future. Or was it the possible deep past? Hard to say, the statement's not in context.
James Huff
I just love how these Radfems actually advocate throwing young boys into wild. Compare these comments found on the same blog entry in question:
“karmarad", November 5, 2011 at 8:06 am
Hi, m Andrea,I have been reading about the Mosuo and trying to convince myself that we could get along with men if we could seize the means of production which the Mosuo traditionally did, but that ain’t happening in this time and place. 
I go back to the basic vision: the village, spiked sticks surrounding it, women on watch, children and no men in the village. The men outside, bringing their gifts and requesting reproduction. The careful consideration. The control by the women. The men often told to move on. The elephant model.
Would like to hear your ideas about this. Can there be men visiting, gifting, requesting procreation under the control of the elder women? Karma"

Vad nytt, Victor? Both of them are presentable, I thought...which one is the viper? What did you think of their voices? Could they do voiceovers?
I for one thinks that this woman seems absolutely lovely!
Why don’t you get to know her better?
[video URL redacted] You’re just a bunch of bitter, angry men! (especially that Paul Elam guy, what an angry misogynist he is!) :@

Here's Paul Elam again, and now the tone has definitely turned smarmy...rage-time over now, time to go check the donations, pick up a little dindin. Not one emotion this guy deploys is ever uncalculated.
Thanks for posting. I had already seen the video, and it was not my first exposure to her work. She does some excellent writing on her blog. Perhaps you should read it and get to know her better, yourself.
Mr. Happy

No, he's not a happy man. Did you really say "Nu-uh"? 
James Huff
Nu-uh! Paul’s not an angry misogynist! He’s a Happy Misogynist! Geez!

Let's top things off with some rape talk. I'd expect nothing less from a guy whose online name is "Agent Orange".  Interesting that you identify with a poison that tortured and killed so many men, James.
James Huff 
Oh my…..that woman won’t even publish my entire second comment……check out her “post” of my comment. i sure hope she amends it and actually addresses the whole thing. (the existing one is near the bottom)
Doh! I forgot! She didn’t put a trigger warning at the top of her special little page! She probably doesn’t want one of her strong, independent, feminist friends to go into a panic attack and accidentally fall on the invisible cock the patriarchy rapes them with every day. No wonder she refuses to address the rest of the comment!
I guess being outed as advocating child abuse might be to much for these free-thinking and self-empowered “wimmin”
I’ve done it now! I hurt their sweet little feeeeeeelings. Oh no! A lawsuit! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Maybe women come to that conclusion because that's what you talk, Scatmaster.
Hey who knew apparently I am into “shit”.
Why is it always the wimmins who jump to that conclusion when they see my handle. Ella and Mel must be turning in their graves. Hooha.

And there's something very creepy about men ganging up on a woman, Dave...especially married men like you.
There is something very creepy in the way that she continually reiterates the word “creepy”.

Hey, another lesbian dis! 
So Medusa has been i.d.’ed, and it practices law, but not in the Isle of Lesbos but some CA suburb. I hope the offending diatribe gets circulated among the citizenry.

Ya think? 
When this is all over, I think we might conclude in retrospect that it would have played out better if we had focussed more on exposing this shit, and less onsaying things about it.
That is what the rhetorical disciplinarian in me seems to be saying.

Well, in Hawaii we like ukeleles a lot. Lots of men here play it. Bruddah Iz has a nice tune "White Sandy Beach in Hawaii." And here I thought men love Man-caves and music. Doxxers open themselves to getting doxxed, Dave, don't you agree?@VlietTiptree:
I found your manCave/ukelele trope VERY offensive.
Your words ought to be exposed to public notoriety if for no other reason than that.

"Gorgon"? Quite the goddess, she was. How old are you, Justicer? And what's your real name again? When did you start hating on gay people too? By the way, I don't like being misquoted. Here's what I actually said, and this is what you creepy men have been fussing about for ever....some might call you hysterical. And I'm correct in what I wrote. Look at you; wouldn't you be happier if you weren't so consumed by violent fantasies, revenge, hatred and sadism?
From Vliet's Essay at RadFemHub: "What will the future look like? Radical Feminism is especially prominent in developing many visions of societies in which women are no longer, as Germaine Greer put it, a subjugated caste. Visions and goals stimulate the methods for reaching them. Joanna Russ presented us with an early vision of a woman-only society. James Tiptree, Jr. wrote a story in which the women characters flee earth entirely. Some say an earth with only 10% men will be a safe earth free of oppression. We need more of these visions.
"My own personal vision is that women will cure the sickness that ails men and that men will stay around, hunkered in their man-caves playing the ukelele, leaving us in peace at last. As to what that cure may be, my best bet is that what’s wrong with men is that their androgens need genetic modification.I’m serious about this. If we can do it with corn, men ought to be easy."

Let's compare that with Justicer's intentional misquote:
And thanks for the visuals of this Gorgon. (Redacted) dresses to appeal to the very male necrophiliacs she scorns in print.
I just saw a free translation (from GenderSpeek into English) of the offending rant, at least, of its principal offal. This may be useful, because ordinary people fall asleep after her 10th word of GenderSpeek, and they should all be aware of her ideas:
” We [her movement] have abandoned efforts to ease the pain of being in a world with men, efforts like working with them, to a position where we favor entirely curing the disease of being male. The best leads for that are biological (changing male hormones) and psychological re-programming. Genetics and social theory suggest that the male can cease to be man-like or conform to standard understandings of male preferences. This will be achieved by medical treatment. What kind of male-diminished future can we hope for? Some say all males can be eliminated; others suggest that we could tolerate an earth with only 10% men on it. I, however, think that we can genetically engineer masculinity out of men entirely, just as we genetically engineer our foods. In so doing, males will be pushed into a harmless corner where they sit in caves playing the ukelele, without bothering the superior and dominant female.”

Just a couple more comments, from our resident pervert and gay-basher (not to mention misquoter), Justicer. Maybe he'll apologize for misquoting me. ..he's right, this is really a good blog...well said, it is are all becoming literature...but of course I'm the one doing the authoring this time...
As an artifact of socialmedia and Reality Fantasy, this stuff is priceless.
I have just clicked on (redacted's) anti-web-site and seen the reprints she’s done of our comments, all bordered by growls and howls and scowls and shook jowls. All hers.
Incomprehensible. Where are they delivering law degrees these days, in the shafts of dildos?

More gay-bashing. The creepiest men are off getting pizza at this point, leaving Justicer to run amok. My thoughts return to the writer of the "Kathy Yates" letter, the one with the beard. I'm still wondering why he hates Irish people...

Eoghan, I apologise for seeming to inject sexual orientation into this conversation. I came across this controversy while researching male-hatred as a lesbian obsession.
It would be an odd heterosexual female who could write what (redacted) has written. But I suppose it’s theoretically possible.Other than that, I’d argue that lesbianism is NOT an orientation to any sort of sexuality but a symptom of mental disability, and a retreat from human society. But that conversation is for another day.

Nobody's listening any more, Homer.
James Huff
I love it! That woman (yes, I said it again….) just refuses to amend her post to include my entire second comment! LMFAO. Instead, she places my third one up with the standard victim-ology “implied rape threat” treatment. What a hoot! I’m having more fun diggin under that woman’s (OH NO!) skin just for the hell of it now!
So….uh……she can talk about genetically modifying masculinity out of existence and call it “light-hearted”, but I can’t make a funny about an invisible cock that a non-existent system might have? I say we all just post a bunch of nonsensical words and wait for her to claim some vast MRA conspiracy to abuse her by not telling her what it means.
The more she responds to this, the greater the fool she will look……especially seeing as this supposedly “true” record of comments she has over there isn’t even complete.

The time has come to bid adieu to Paul Elam and his Creepy Men, and besides I have an appointment with my lawyers.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this case study of the leading Men's Rights Activist group! 

Bye Now,

Vliet Tiptree