Monday, June 29, 2015

Excerpts from the Vliet Tiptree Cyberstalking Case

These are quotes taken in chronological order from the record of the cyberstalking of Vliet Tiptree in 2011 by A Voice for Men. They are from the extended comments on one article on the A Voice for Men website, detailed below. In that article Paul Elam offered a $1000 bounty for anyone who could provide him with the real identity of a feminist blogger who used the online pseudonym "Vliet Tiptree" by cyberstalking her. The excerpts below are a small sample. Real names are added where available, with more to come.

For the full record in this cyberstalking case, check out the two main posts here, "PART ONE" and "PART TWO". You can link from the sidebar or just scroll down.


(sent from the email address "")

"The FBI has been contacted, and your publisher has been contacted. Get ready to live a life of misery, you worthless Irish slut."

"We will never let you escape".




"Well, if it comes down to it, I will find a PI to get the job done. We’ll have to figure in hacker expenses.I found an email addy on her..."


"Has anyone called the FBI on her?"


"Meantime, let’s hope the story and paparazzi fee is returned to AVfM by the outing sleuth having social conscience."

CYCLOTRONMAJESTY (Zachary Trey Morris):

"Men must show up now for the only real war there is." 


"... the fact that they are even trying to is enough to justify some serious effort in taking them down."


"Put them on ice? More like, utterly disintegrate them."


"Well, it took about 45 minutes before someone pledged the $1,000.00 to locate this bitch. Damn, I love this place."

TAWIL (Jason, also calls himself "Peter Wright"): 

"As part of our military training for engaging this particular enemy I recommend that everyone first brush up on the real, scientifically validated function of testosterone."


"We need someone with a shell account and patience to get a packet sniffer going so we can get IP’s."

"Muk, or anyone else, if you can cross check the information with your own investigation and we come up with the same result, then that would be our psycho feminist target."

DR. GREG ("Fuck Their Shit Up") CANNING:

"Happy to contribute funds to your efforts her Paul and JTO ."

JMAHURIEN (Jacob Mahurien):

"If they email you, you can find their IP address quite quickly and be able to locate them from that."

ANTZ ("Anthony Zarat"):

"I hope that there is a lot of space at “register-her”."


"If any of the supportive commentors or authors identities are found I would be very quick to pass on this information to child protective services where they live."


 "The address shows that she’s in Redmond, WA – but that could be wrong. So….. Regardless, we’ll know all about her soon enough."


"Shit! I guess that will teach me to get some sleep! I know we have MRA’s in the Seattle area that come to this site regularly. That is very close to Redmond, I think."

NIGELES175d (Nigel P. Harris):

"We need to check and confirm the target via multiple independent sources to make sure she is the correct person responsible for this."


"Photo’s of this woman with direct quotes from her own words will more than suffice in utterly destroying this woman."

ANDYBOB (Matthew Lye):

"Holocaust Game!"


"I will try to infiltrate this website as a feminist and see if I can help AVFM."

RPER (Greg Canning, M.D.):

"Have filed a report with wordpress perhaps other can do the same."


"I’ll try and find out something about this shitheel, Mr. Elam."

FIDELBOGEN (Dave Kragen, K. D. Kragen):

"The only way to go at this is to log in as a woman, and faithfully echo what the others are saying. . . but say it louder."

WHITNEY (Whitney Dodman):

"It’s just too bad we cannot sick anonymous on them! I think there is the capacity to do even a DDOS with 64K pings. Better yet, if a large number of people all sign up as “females” and hit them with tons of comments at once. That would bring down their whole database."

SKEPTIC (Stephen Gee, aka Stephen O'Brian):

"Great work folks! I look forward to seeing video online of this feminist fascist when she discovers her local area blanketed with notices of her moronic misandry – notices replete with her online quotes and an identity photo please."


"We should limit our activism in regards to them, to advertising their misandry for all to see, recording it….and outing as many as we can so they are forced to answer for it to their employers, any male relatives….and even the local shopkeeper. In other words, don’t bother trying to change them…….just make them pay."

MANFROMMAN (Charles R Marquette/Marchetti)

"At any rate, I submit my pledge herein to support the attempt to expose these tart-brain bitches. Let us all FTSU!"


"Paul, you have my pledge to financially support the ousting of these individuals."


"I have tried to post on 4chan, but for some reason cannot get a post through. There may be hackers that could determine who she is if they see the reward offer."


"So, ummm, I found out who this woman is and there is a big reason that she has made her 4 blogger blogs private. Yep, 4 blogs.

Not sure if I should share it in public, but if someone else wants to, send me an email(you can find it on my about page on my blog) and I’ll give whoever the info to post it if they wish too. Let’s just say her publishers I don’t think would be very happy to know this info."


"PLEASE send me the info. Thanks!"

ALEKNOVY  (Aleksandar Novkovski)

"If it turns out she has children, she should also be reported to CPS."


"The boundaries we established are that RHC will be respected and the site will not be used to disseminate personal information. We will respect that…at RHC. But not at AVfM."

"She is a disease that must be extirpated."


"yeah, it was bugging me so I got back up to try to figure it out so I could sleep. The key is the comment where she says she commented on the other commenter’s link. It was pretty easy after that."

KYLELOVETT:"Also glad that someone else was able to verify this information. You found some info I didn’t, which is even more damning. Nice work!"


"Within 72 hours a detailed summary of findings and plan of action will be posted here.

Thanks to everyone who rolled up their sleeves on this one."


"I love how Paul is a member of that blog:

All casual-like: “Hey, what’s goin’ on in here?”."


"Nothing she can do will help her now. It’s too late for forgiveness, or mercy.
The grinding wheels are in motion."


"We’re coming for you honey. Rest assured that every employer, colleague, family member, and associate of yours with access to the internet will know who, and most importantly, WHAT you are.
If you have minor children then those authorities will also find out. Game over for you. "

"We will march forward on a road of your bones to victory – i.e. the truth."


"I am prepared to pay a lot for what I do. She isn’t."

ANTZ (another alias: Anthony Zarat):

"Banzai. Charge. Bring her down."


"With that I am going to ask for all your patience here as I close comments on this thread for the time being. We are gearing up for battle. "

FIDELBOGEN (Dave Kragen):

"When this is all over, I think we might conclude in retrospect that it would have played out better if we had focussed (sic) more on exposing this shit, and less on saying things about it."

I found your manCave/ukelele trope VERY offensive.
Your words ought to be exposed to public notoriety if for no other reason than that."